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Snow in the Regency

This is a helpful and insightful piece on snow during the Regency! I hope you like it as much as I do.

The Regency Redingote

Even though Christmas is still a month away, it is not too early to discuss snow, since here in New England we had “appreciable” snowfall across most of the area just before Halloween. (And if that is the last flake I see all season, it will be just fine with me.) However, the way this recent New England snowfall was handled is very different from how appreciable snowfalls were handled in old England during the Regency. Our Regency ancestors would be quite surprised, even shocked, by the time and effort we put into snow removal in the twenty-first century and even more so by people who venture outdoors while a snowstorm is in progress.

Attitudes and practices for living and dealing with snow in the Regency . . .

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