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As most of you know, other than boots, gentlemen wore pumps (and yes, they were called pumps). Pumps were worn in the evening especially at Almack’s, and the balls in London. Although, some men might not care, most gentlemen wore what was expected. Pumps were also worn with trousers. Gentlemen were actually the first sex to where shoes with a higher heel. If only that trend had continued.

Gentlemen's shoes

mens dress pumpsTrousers with strap

During the Georgian era it was fashionable to have precious gems put on the heels of one’s pumps. Unfortunately, that went out of fashion during the Regency. I was unable to find any images of them.

Georgian men's shoes

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A regency gentleman’s typical day wear would be boots. There were several different kinds of boots, but the most popular became the Wellington. Hoby was the most well-known boot maker of the Regency. Boots were always highly shinned and valets had secret recipes for shining boots. Some gentlemen (typically those who aspired to be Dandy’s) had white tops on their boots or gold tassels. Beau Brummell was famous for never going beyond the first field of a hunt for fear the mud would damage the white tops on his boots.

Men's boots

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