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Good day!!

Are you ready to win a Kindle Fire HD 8, Amazon cards and books!

I’m one of the sponsors of the Night Owl Romance Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt.

During this event I’m going to help you find some great new books. Make sure to check my featured title out along the way.

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Event Dates: June 14 – July 5

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This is the first Sunday News in a while, and I’m sad to say, the last. As you all know, this year I start my new print series. I am also writing novellas that will release in between the big book releases, and I’m writing a novella series that I will self-publish. Despite my best efforts, I am unable to keep up the writing schedule and blog with any regularity. Not to mention, my lack of consistent internet. To give you an example, I have an internet connection at the moment only when the boat swings a certain way.

I have, however, joined the lovely group of ladies at Embracing Romance, where I will blog once a month. I hope you will join me there.

I will continue to post new releases, pre-orders, and contests but if you are not on Facebook with me, I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter. Actually, I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter in any event.

Now for the good news. Congratulations to Natasha for winning a copy of Sandra Master’s book.

Most of you know that I have two releases coming in the very near future. The first is a novella, A Promise of Love, which is book #1 in my novella series The Trevors. Those of you who read Miss Featherton’s Christmas Prince, the last book in The Marriage Game will remember Damon’s father, the nasty, horrible duke. More than one reader truly wished I had gotten rid of him. But I needed him for the series. After all, I could not write about how his many children escape the despot when I’d already done him in. Apologies to you, but needs must.

Passionate+Promises+Final+BOX+1000x640A Promise of Love is part of a box set, Passionate Promises which releases on February 15th, and I’m having a pre-order contest to help launch the series. To enter, you must provide a proof of purchase by completing the form. When the book releases, everyone who entered will receive a private link to the prologue of the next book in the series! I hope all of you will enter and spread the word to your family and friends!

PREORDER HERE: Amazon | Barnes & NobleKobo | iBooks

Three Weeks To Wed reviseOn March 29th, what my publisher calls an April release, Three Weeks to Wed, the first book in The Worthingtons, hits the shelves, or if you read in ebook format, will magically download to your device. So, I’m having another pre-order contest sponsored by my publisher. On release day, everyone who entered will be able to access the prologue to Three Weeks to Wed. Please follow this link to enter.

I promise you that neither of these prologues will be available again at any time; no matter what promises or bribes I receive or dire threats are made. They are strictly for those of you who pre-order and enter the contests.

PREORDER HERE: Amazon | Barnes & NobleKobo | iBooks

As I alluded to above, we’ve been traveling. Here are some pictures.

Grand Case 2 Sunset Lagoonie's Breakfast Menu Sarafina Beach at Nevis Hill at Nevis Sunset 2014-07-17

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I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and a great rest of the week!

We have a lot of book winners, so let’s start there.



Congratulations to bn100 for winning a copy of Cara Elliott’s book, Liette for wining a copy of Collette Cameron’s book, Beverly for winning a copy of Jenna Jaxon’s book, Patricia for winning Jacki’s Delecki’s book, and Anna for winning a copy of Christi Caldwell’s book!!

We’ve been on the move, but I’ve been making sure to carve out time to write the first novella in The Worthingtons, and do some thinking about the third book in the series. This is a very rough draft from the third book.

Measles?” Lady Louisa Vivers exclaimed. “All three of them?”

Lady Charlotte Carpenter sank onto the sofa in the parlor they shared. “Yes, Theo, Mary and Philip. According to Jane and your mama, the others have already had them.”

“Will that put off Grace and Matt’s trip to Worthington?” Grace, Charlotte’s sister had recently married Louisa’s brother, the Earl of Worthington. All ten children, except Charlie who was at Eton,  and Louisa’s mother, were living in the Carpenter family townhouse across Berkeley Square from their house while it was being renovated.

Charlotte grimaced. “There is no choice. Renovations must be started in the schoolroom there as well.”

Both she and Charlotte were half way through their first Season. Louisa chewed her lip. “Well, I suppose we should write notes excusing ourselves from the entertainments we’d planned to attend.” Rubbing her forehead, she glanced at the writing table. “What a bother. Why did they have to choose now to fall ill?”

Charlotte let out a peel of laughter. “That is almost exactly what Matt said.”

lady beresford's lover_ebookIn other book news. Lady Beresford’s Lover has finally come out on pre-order. I haven’t done a pre-order celebration in a while, so it is past time. The first person who posts any of the buy links from anywhere in the world, will receive a copy of Lady Beresford’s Lover when it releases.

Ella Quinn’s bachelors are quite sure of what they want in life—and love—until the right woman opens their eyes…

After a painful heartbreak, Rupert, the handsome young Earl of Stanstead, has decided that when it comes to love, avoidance is best. Until he meets a woman who makes him forget his plan—and remember his longing for a wife and family. Yet he senses that she too has been hurt, though she attempts to hide her feelings—and more—in the most baffling and alluring way. Intrigued, Rupert is willing to play along, if winning her is the prize…

Crushed by her late husband’s scorn, Vivian, Countess of Beresford, believes she is monstrously undesirable. Sadly childless, she has moved to London resigned to a solitary life. Still, when she encounters Rupert at a masquerade ball, her disguise as Cleopatra emboldens her. Convinced he doesn’t recognize her, she begins an after-hours affair with him, always in costume—while allowing him to innocently court the real her by day. But when Rupert makes a shocking choice, will Vivian be able to handle the truth?…

I also have a couple of  favors to ask of you. If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter, please do. I’d also love it if you could like my author page, provided, of course, that you haven’t done it already. http://www.facebook.com/ellaquinnauthor.

Sadly, we had to leave St. Martin for a while, but we did stock up on wine, cheese, and a couple of baguettes. Leaving St. Martinla boulangerie et patisserie 2015-03-28

We arrived fourteen hours later in St. John, but only stayed two nights.

Little Lamesure Bay, St. John


We’re now at Christmas Cover awaiting our enclosures.

Christmas Cove 2015-04-12

By next weekend we will be in Culebra, Puerto Rico for a very short stay before sailing up to the Bahamas.

What have you been up to this week?


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Please help me welcome Alina K. Field to the blog! Alina is celebrating the one year anniversary of her Regency novella, Rosalyn’s Ring. The sequel, Bella’s Band will be released in the fall of 2014.

Alina will award a $10 Amazon gift certificate to one lucky commenter.

First we’ll start with the cover for Rosslyn’s Ring.


Now the blurb:

Rosalyn Montagu has reluctantly fallen into her elderly benefactress’s tidy London life of do-gooder spinster. But when a young woman from the district of Rosalyn’s childhood is put up for auction in a wife sale, Rosalyn seizes the chance to rescue her—and to recover a treasured family heirloom, her father’s signet ring, purloined by the woman’s vile innkeeper husband.

Intent on liberating the young wife, Rosalyn braves a precarious Christmas Eve journey in the company of a mysterious nobleman. She soon finds she is not the only determined buyer attending the sale. Her rakish opponent not only succeeds in thwarting her purchase—he reveals himself as the man who took everything that should have been hers, everything but her father’s ring.

The newly anointed Viscount Cathmore has accepted there is no way to avoid living his wealthy father’s dream of accession to a social class he disdains, but he has drawn the line at marrying a blue-blooded miss. Then he meets Rosalyn, a provoking beauty with an upper crust manner, a larcenous streak, and enough secrets to rouse even his jaded heart, including the truth of her identity—she is the woman whose home he has usurped. But more mysteries swirl around Rosalyn’s lost inheritance, and Cathmore is just the man to help her uncover the truth.

An excerpt:

Rosalyn Montagu has just been outbid in the sale of her maid’s cousin, the wife of a seedy inn-keeper, Ned Morgan. During the fight that broke out at the end of the sale, Lord Cathmore witnessed Rosalyn stealing the innkeeper’s ring. The crowd has disbursed, and Lord Cathmore has departed in his carriage. 

The horses had only picked their way as far as the edge of the road when the front door of the inn opened and they heard Morgan’s unmistakable bellow. A bundle of black fabric flew out of the inn, followed by a smaller dark mass and a hard, dark object. The larger bundle stood, brushed itself off, and shook out the snow-damp mantle. A glint of copper sparkled in the twilight before she pulled up her hood and extinguished the shimmer. She found her valise, straightened, stared hard at the coach, and turned decidedly in the opposite direction.

Foolishly, away from the village and her only chance of shelter. Rosalyn, or whoever she was, had lied, he supposed, about her purpose in visiting Glen Murray. And lied about the maid being Mindy’s cousin, since neither Mindy nor the maid had exchanged a word or a glance. The auction was a chance to pick pockets, perhaps. The maid would stay behind to warm Morgan’s bed and then pick him clean, while her supposed mistress waited elsewhere.

Hamish had not grown up here, but since his father had acquired the estate, he had become acquainted with the area and most of the families. There were no towns or villages or even hovels for miles in the direction Rosalyn was heading. If Morgan had caught Rosalyn stealing, she was lucky to get away with her life, but she would surely freeze to death before she reached shelter.

His instincts roused, the way they had through torments at school, his business endeavors, and, especially, his brief military career.

“Stop, Cheevers.” He clambered down from his wet seat.

Oh heavens, it was so cold. Rosalyn wrapped her cloak tighter, and then patted again the slight lump in her pocket. She had feared it lost when that vile man had tossed her into the snow. As soon as she could, she would fasten the band around her neck with a ribbon.

She must find some kind of shelter. The town was the other way, she knew, and as soon as the new Lord of Brockton had moved his dawdling self down the road, she would turn back to the village.

Rosalyn heard trudging behind her. Fear flashed through her. Morgan would kill her, she had no doubt, if he noticed the ring missing and if he found it on her.

Rosalyn flipped back the hood of her mantle and glanced over her shoulder.

Cathmore. The insufferable man would not leave her alone. His long legs carried him far faster through the drifts then she could move.

She turned on him. “What do you want, sir?” she shouted.

“You will freeze to death.”

Before she could react, he closed the distance between them, her feet were swept from under her, and he was carrying her back across the yard.

“We know we shall not have to worry about your virtue,” he said ignominiously.

Rosalyn squirmed. “You will put me down now!”

“I will not.”

“You will not take liberties with me.”

“Will I not?” He smiled at her, a smile of calculation that chilled her more.

“I will throw myself upon your Mrs. Sullivan.”

“You may try, but I warn you, she is an excellent judge of character.”

Rosalyn choked and fought tears. It had come to that. She had let a man she’d only just met kiss her, a man not her husband, and she had kissed him back and then committed a theft.

No one else would see that she had stolen back her father’s promise. He was right. Mrs. Sullivan would not see it her way. This lord had ruined her reputation in one afternoon. He had ruined the last Montagu.

She must find a way to escape him, or he would take the very last thing she had, what was left of her innocence. Her hand rested on the hard knot of the ring, and she prayed for the promised luck.

Buy link: Amazon


Alina_K._FieldAbout Alina:

Alina K. Field earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and German literature, but she found her true passion in reading and writing romance. Though her roots are in the Midwest, after six very, very, very cold years in Chicago, she moved to Southern California and hasn’t looked back. She shares a midcentury home with her husband and a blue-eyed cat who conned his way in for dinner one day and decided the food was too good to leave. Visit her at:







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Happy Sunday! Let’s begin with book winners.

Congratulations to: Tarenn98 who won Gina Danna’s book Love and Vengeance!
Raquel M, who won a copy of Desiring Lady Caro for commenting on The Literary Shed!
And Monica Perry who won a copy of Desiring Lady Caro for commenting on RomCom! Monica, please contact me. I don’t have your email address.

Enticing Miss Eugénie Villaret

Enticing Miss Eugénie Villaret

On my Facebook page, I have an ongoing contest. Be the first to post a buy link for Enticing Miss Eugénie Villaret, and win a copy of the book. (Hint: Amazon has sites in the UK, France, and Germany to name a few)

The week has been busy as I got back into work. I will have book #6 finished today, and my editor very helpfully sent me the copy edits for Madeleine’s Christmas Wish, and the galleys for Enticing Miss Eugénie Villaret.

The winners so far are:

Linda Thum:  iTunes

Christina Evenson:  Amazon US

Nicole Laverdure:  Amazon Canada

Lisa Schmidt-Ringsby:  Barnes and Noble

Since I was able to walk again, I took these pictures for you.

Sand turtle







Sailboar in Bay








Hubby took this one of me working.

Ella Working


Have a wonderful Sunday and rest of the week!


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I’m on Harlequin Junkies today with an interview and a two book giveaway!!

Desiring Lady Caro

Desiring Lady Caro

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The contest began yesterday, and, although there were many great entries, we need a more Christmassy title. It is, after all, a Christmas novella. Because everyone has worked so hard already, I’m sweetening the pot. In addition to the books, with winner will also receive their choice of a Caribbean spice box or lunch with me at RT or RWA.

Here is the blurb, which I’ve tweaked a bit.

It’s late November and all Georges, Marquis Cruzy-le-Châtel, wants is to return home for his first Christmas there in twenty years. But he has one last mission, stopping the Napoleon’s agents from placing prostitutes in England to gather information. When Georges receives the list of women, he’s shocked to find the lady he was supposed to have wed on it.

Madeleine, Mademoiselle du Beaune’s, father has died and her brother is presumed dead. As she struggles to keep her small family and their holdings together, a group of men, claiming to be from Napoleon’s notorious spy master, Fouché threaten to take her younger sister in a plot to infiltrate England’s Government. Madeleine agrees to take her sister’s place, but vows to be home before Christmas. A promise she doesn’t know if she can keep.

Georges discovers saving Madeleine is more complicated than he thought. Other, more sinister forces are behind the effort to remove her, and she will not agree to remain safely in England. On their mad rush through France to reach Beaune in time, their feelings deepen, but will their duties tear them apart, or will there be a Christmas miracle?

Now it’s your turn!

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Happy Sunday!!

We have a big day today. First the winners of Cheryl Bolen’s and Rachel Brimble’s books.

Congratulations to Carol Cork for wining one of the Brides of Bath books and to Jenna Jaxon for winning The Temptation of Laura!

As some of you know, I have to have knee surgery. Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for someone else, I can no longer attend the Barbara Vey Luncheon. I have a ticket for Eileen Dryer’s table. So I’m having a giveaway of the ticket and a copy of The Temptation of Lady Serena. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me you want it. The giveaway will last today and tomorrow.

In more news, Kensington has contracted my Christmas novella, which has no title. Neither my editor nor I am able to think of one. We have rejected The Christmas Bride as a title. You all did such a great job picking out the title for Enticing Miss Eugénie Villaret, I decided to ask you to pick another one. Which means, I’m having another title contest!! The winner will receive a copy of either The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh, or Desiring Lady Caro, as well as a copy of the novella when it releases later this year, and an acknowledgement in the book!

I have to have the titles to my editor by close of business on Tuesday. Don’t worry about any posts that get caught in moderation, I can see when the post was made.

The novella is Georges’s and Madeline’s story. They were secondary characters in The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh.

Here is the blurb I came up with.

Georges, Marquis Cruzy-le-Châtel, has one last mission before returning home to France, stopping the Napoleon’s agents from placing prostitutes in England to gather information. When Georges receives the list of women, he’s shocked to find the lady he was supposed to have wed on it.

Madeleine, Mademoiselle du Beaune’s, father has died and her brother is presumed dead. As she struggles to keep her small family and their holdings together, a group of men, claiming to be from Napoleon’s notorious spy master, Fouché threaten to take her younger sister in a plot to infiltrate England’s Government. Madeleine agrees to take her sister’s place, but at what cost, and who will protect her mother and sister now?

Georges discovers saving Madeleine is more complicated than he thought. Other, more sinister forces are behind the effort to remove her, and she will not agree to remain safely in England. On their mad rush through France to reach Beaune in time, their feelings deepen, but will their duties tear them apart?

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

I took my camera on my water walks this week. Unfortunately, the sea life is faster than I am. Today I saw a ray buried in the sand, but he left before I could take his picture. Did manage to catch some small fish. As luck would have it, when I walked through so many fish I could have gotten a great photo, the memory care was full.  Here is what I have this week.



Bottom of Bay

Bottom of Bay


Have a great week and good luck in the contest!


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With deadlines looming, I’m giving the blog over to Historical romance author, Susana Ellis. Susana is going all out to celebrate the release of A Twelfth Night Tale! Take it away Susana!!

Susana: Thank you, Ella.


Add: cover image, author photo, blog post and/or images (treasure box, bracelet)

Besides the Grand Prize—a Giant Treasure Box


—she is giving away a Twelfth Night Tale Christmas charm bracelet (silver-plated) bracelet2

for one random commenter on each of the twelve stops of the tour. Click here for the Rafflecopter for the Giant Treasure Box!

A Twelfth Night Tale Giant Treasure Box*

  • lovely gift box
  • A Twelfth Night Tale Christmas charm bracelet (silver-plated)
  • Father Christmas figurine
  • Three Wise Men figurine
  • Thomas Kinkade photo collage
  • Treasuring Theresa mug
  • Treasuring Theresa necklace
  • Treasuring Theresa keychain
  • two Christmas ornaments from Scotland (Mary Queen of Scots and fleur-de-lys)
  • two decks of Ellora’s Cave playing cards
  • two perfumed soaps from Scotland
  • fizzing bath salts from Scotland
  • Celtic pen from Scotland
  • “jeweled” soap
  • nail clipper keychain from London
  • stuffed toy bear

*In lieu of the treasure box, a winner from outside the U.S. will receive a gift card from the book retailer of their choice.

About A Twelfth Night Tale

A wounded soldier and the girl next door find peace and love amidst a backdrop of rural Christmas traditions.

Without dowries and the opportunity to meet eligible gentlemen, the five Barlow sisters stand little chance of making advantageous marriages. But when the eldest attracts the attention of a wealthy viscount, suddenly it seems as though Fate is smiling upon them.

Lucy knows that she owes it to her younger sisters to encourage Lord Bexley’s attentions, since marriage to a peer will secure their futures as well as hers. The man of her dreams has always looked like Andrew Livingston, her best friend’s brother. But he’s always treated her like a child, and, in any case, is betrothed to another. Perhaps the time has come to put away childhood dreams and accept reality…and Lord Bexley.

Andrew has returned from the Peninsula with more emotional scars to deal with than just the lame arm. Surprisingly, it’s his sister’s friend “Little Lucy” who shows him the way out of his melancholy. He can’t help noticing that Lucy’s grown up into a lovely young woman, but with an eligible viscount courting her, he’ll need a little Christmas magic to win her for himself.

Buy links:

Ellora’s CaveAmazonBarnes & NobleKobo


All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

A Blush® Regency romance from Ellora’s Cave

Chapter One

The Barlow Home

near Charlbury, Oxfordshire

23 December 1813

“It’s so kind of you to call, Lord Bexley. The flowers you sent are simply lovely, are they not, Lucy?”

Unable to miss the warning tone in her mother’s voice, Lucy sat up straight in her chair and smiled sweetly at their caller.

“Oh yes indeed. They are undoubtedly the most beautiful I’ve ever received, my lord.”

Of course, she did not mention that they were the first flowers she’d ever been sent by a gentleman. And considering that there were few opportunities to meet eligible gentlemen in the quiet little neck of the woods where the Barlows resided, the arrangement was quite likely to remain the only floral tribute to come her way.

Her caller beamed with pleasure. “They were the best I could find at the florist, but of course they cannot hold a candle to your beauty and sweetness, Miss Barlow.”

Lucy swallowed and forced herself to reply. “You embarrass me with your flattery, my lord.”

“Not at all,” he insisted. “You were quite the belle of the Christmas Ball last evening, Miss Barlow. I was much envied to be allowed the honor of two dances with you when so many gentlemen had to be turned away.”

The “Christmas Ball” was merely a small celebration at the local assembly rooms. Her mother had encouraged her to favor Lord Bexley, but in truth, Lucy herself had not found him objectionable. He was an accomplished dancer and quite distinguished-looking, in spite of the fact that he had at least twenty years over her.

At eighteen, she was of an age to be out in society, and Lord Bexley, a wealthy widower from Warwickshire, was undoubtedly the most eligible gentleman in the county. Recently out of mourning, he was seeking a new wife and a mother to his three children, and as Mrs. Barlow kept telling her, Lucy should be flattered that he seemed to be favoring her for the role.

Well, she was flattered. Wasn’t she? The number of young ladies far exceeded that of eligible gentlemen, and she didn’t wish to be left on the shelf. With her family in financial difficulties and four younger sisters to be married off, Lucy knew she owed it to them to marry well and do what she could to find her sisters suitable matches as well.

She was prepared to do her duty and make the best of it, but somehow, when she thought of marriage and children, it was not the kindly Lord Bexley who came to mind. It was the face of the strapping, dark-haired Adonis with laughing gray eyes who lived on an adjoining estate with his younger sister—her bosom friend Jane—who had teased her unmercifully from the time she learned to walk. She couldn’t remember a time when she hadn’t been in love with Andrew Livingston—she’d even asked him to marry her at the age of five when he’d been twelve and about to leave for Eton. He’d laughed and quipped that it would be like marrying his sister, and she’d nursed a broken heart ever since.

She sighed as she frequently did when she thought of Andrew and his affianced wife, and her mother glared at her. Fortunately, Phillips wheeled in the tea cart and Mrs. Barlow’s attention was mercifully diverted.

“Please do the honors, Lucy. An excellent opportunity to practice your housewifely skills.”

Lucy flushed. Could her mother’s intentions be more obvious? But Lord Bexley did not seem to notice. He smiled kindly at her somewhat shaky inquiry as to his preferences, and thanked her graciously when she brought him his tea and a plate of cherry tarts.

“Quite charming,” he commented as he regarded her with obvious approval. It was unclear whether he was speaking to her or to her mother, and Lucy wasn’t sure how to respond.

Fortunately, there was a shriek followed by the sound of fierce arguing from the back rooms of the house. Lucy turned instinctively to the door, which was promptly thrust open and filled by the figure of her sister Lydia, who was breathing hard and wringing her hands in agitation.

“Do come, Lucy! Lila and Louisa are having one of their rows again, in the kitchen of all places. Lila broke one of Cook’s mixing bowls, and Cook swears she’ll leave if someone doesn’t stop them and you know you’re the only one who can, Lucy!” She flushed when she saw Lord Bexley and her mother’s angry face. “Oh…pardon me, I didn’t realize we had a guest.” She backed out into the hall, shooting Lucy a pleading look as she did so.

Relieved for an excuse to terminate the social call, Lucy muttered her excuses and scrambled out of the room. But not before she heard her mother’s mortified apology and Lord Bexley’s soothing reply that he found it quite agreeable to discover a young lady so accomplished in the maternal skills.

Goodness, he really was intent on courting her! She should be flattered. She was a sensible girl, and it was pointless to set her cap at Andrew Livingston, in any case. Lord Bexley would be an excellent match for her. His three daughters could not possibly be as troublesome as her two youngest sisters, after all.

She gritted her teeth and hurried to the kitchen, the ineffectual Lydia as usual trailing behind her. The second eldest Barlow daughter was as helpless as their mother at controlling the two youngest children. When Lucy married and left the house, as she would in time, her bookish middle sister Laura was going to have to take up the reins.

Christmas Decoration


Christmas Eve


In the Regency, Christmas Eve was the traditional day to decorate the home with greenery—evergreen boughs, holly, ivy, mistletoe, and hellebore (Christmas rose). Superstition ruled that the decorations must be taken down and burned by Twelfth Day (Epiphany).


Christmas Eve might be celebrated by lighting the Yule Log (See December 5th post)

and playing games. Although Christmas caroling came about much later, indications are that certain areas in England and Wales did sing songs like “Here We Come A-Wassailing,” “Deck the Halls,” and “While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night.” There might also be a performance by “mummers,” traveling troupes of actors who would go door-to-door offering to perform and sing for a few coins (See December 12th post)


While wassail was served liberally through the Christmastide, the traditional Christmas Eve drink was posset, a drink made with hot milk, spices, lemon, sugar, and pieces of bread. Often a charm or a wedding ring was hidden in the pot for some fortunate youth to find.


Posset was also used a general remedy for colds and minor illnesses.


Posset Recipe


It goes without saying that Christmas traditions varied widely from region to region and family to family. There might be a Christmas Eve service or pageant (as in A Twelfth Night Tale), and/or a service on Christmas morning. In general, however, Christmas Eve was a time for families to celebrate together in a much more relaxed fashion than is typical today.


A random commenter on this post will win a Twelfth Night Tale Christmas charm bracelet.


Author photoAbout the Author 

A former teacher, Susana is finally living her dream of being a full-time writer. She loves all genres of romance, but historical—Regency in particular—is her favorite. There’s just something about dashing heroes and spunky heroines waltzing in ballrooms and driving through Hyde Park that appeals to her imagination.

In real life, Susana is a lifelong resident of northwest Ohio, although she has lived in Ecuador and studied in Spain, France and Mexico. More recently, she was able to travel around the UK and visit many of the places she’s read about for years, and it was awesome! She is a member of the Maumee Valley and Beau Monde chapters of Romance Writers of America.


Web site • Email • Facebook • Twitter • Linked In • Pinterest • Google+Goodreads

Susana’s Parlour (Regency Blog) • Susana’s Morning Room (Romance Blog)




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Because so many of you had similar title entries, we had to be very specific.   <drum roll please> The winner is Mary Chen who was the first to enter the entire title, Enticing Miss Eugénie Villaret.

Congratulations, Mary!!

In other news, I finally finished the first draft of my novella for Christmas 2014. I’m on to edits tomorrow.

No beach pictures due to all the rain this week, but I did take some from the ferry over to Tortola.

Here is the car ferry going to St. John.Car ferry







This is one of the Windjammer cruise ships.Cruise ship 1






We also went to a local craft show in Tillet Gardens.

Tillett 002 Tillett 003 Tillett 004 Tillett 005 Tillett 006 Tillett 007 Tillett 008 Tillett 009 Tillett 010 Tillett 011

Have a wonderful week,


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