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It’s day 5 and things are slowing down a bit. I’ve also decided to only post the links that are live.

Today I’m on Romance at Random with a recipe for Kasknocken, and Romantic Reviews has posted their review of Desiring Lady Caro.

There was no excerpt to go with the recipe, so here it is.

“What is that?”

“It’s called Gröstel. I had it the last time. Very flavorful.” Huntley pointed to the small skillet in front of her. “That is Kasnocken. Small dumplings with cheese and onions. It’s quite good. Try it first and then, if you wish, you may have some of the Gröstel.”

Caro picked up her fork and took a bite. The tang of fried onions contrasted nicely with the nuttiness of the cheese. The noodles were softer than Italian pasta, and the cheese clung to them, infusing the noodles with flavor. This was so good. After she’d finished more than half of hers, Caro glanced longingly over to his. “May I taste some of that now?”

He speared some of it onto a fork and held it out to her. She closed her lips around it. The smoky flavor of streaky bacon mixed with fried egg and onions filled her senses as she chewed. She sighed. Not as good as the chocolate torte, but delightful all the same. “Wonderful.”

A smile pulled at his lips. “If I feed this to you, which I’m of half a mind to do, I’ll have every other husband here in trouble.”

Her eyes opened wide. “What do you mean?”

“Don’t look, but we’re the center of attention.”

She grinned as wickedly as she felt. “What if you fed me just one more bite?”

Desiring Lady Caro

Desiring Lady Caro


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I had a blog rejected as being too pitchy yesterday and had to get another one together in a hurry. But, because I loved the blog post, I decided to use it here. And because I love you all so much, I’m giving away two copies of Desiring Lady Caro. Just answer the question I ask and tell me you’d like to have the book.

Here goes.


Desiring Lady Caro

Desiring Lady Caro

Desiring Lady Caro, book #4 in my The Marriage Game series, has two love stories. While Caro and Huntley get most of the attention, they are the main characters after all, I wanted to give a shout-out to Horatia and John. More properly, Lady Horatia Laughton, widow of Mr. George Laughton, and Captain John Whitton, a former privateer, who is hiding the fact that he is now an earl.

Horatia is fleeing from the same evil Venetian who is chasing Caro and Huntley, but she took a different route, hoping to throw the blackguard off.

John is actually on his way to find Horatia. Although he’s never met her, he feels as if he knows her because of the letters he received from her dead husband, who also told John, she would be perfect for him. Now that the war is over, John is determined to find Horatia.

In many ways, they provide the comic relief for the much more serious romance between Caro and Huntley, and if you’ve read my books, you know I like humor. They are both older, Horatia in the late thirties and John in his early forties, and have learned how to deal with their emotional baggage, for the most part. I’ll give you a taste of what they are like.

This is part of the scene from when they meet.

The man didn’t answer but remained where he was, embracing her. He clutched her so tightly she had to strain her neck to continue looking at him. “Thank you for catching me.”

Small lines creased the corners of his eyes as they smiled down at her. His tone was deep, and soft. “My pleasure. I count myself fortunate that I was here to stop you from falling. A dock can be a dangerous place.” He glanced around and frowned disapprovingly. “Especially when the lines aren’t properly stowed.”

His strong arms caused sparks to shoot through her all the way to her core, and her body responded to a need she’d thought long dead. Oh my! That kind of reaction would not do at all. Although the air was chilly, Horatia wished she had a fan. She really must get away from this man and the desire he was stirring. “I take it you sail?”

“You could say that.” He flashed a crooked smile.

Horatia tried to keep her eyes from widening, and smiling back. His face was browned from the sun. His jaw was square. He had an aquiline nose that appeared to have been broken at some point. Yet what held her interest were his well-molded lips and straight white teeth. Then a dimple popped out, looking so incongruous in his strong face. From his voice, one could tell he was definitely gently bred and English.

Good Lord. She was acting like a peagoose.

How do you like secondary love stories?

Now back to the blog tour. Here are my stops for today.

USA Today HEA – I’m talking about chocolate disks with Cara Elliott

Karen’s Killer Fixen’s

Romance Recipes – Also has a recipe

Romance and Beyond – talking about deleted scenes

Adventures in Authorland where I’m being interviewed.

The first three blogs are live now, the other one will be up later today. Thank you so much for sticking with me!

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The Desiring Lady Caro Release Tour continues! There will be book giveaways, recipes, and strange, I mean interesting blog posts.

Today I’m visiting Karen’s Killer Fixn’s,  Miss Ivy’s Book Nook, Manic Readers, Mary Gramlich, Romance Divas, and SOS Aloha. Some of the posts might not be up until later in the day.

I’m also part of Eileen Dreyer’s Spring Fling giveaway at RomCom http://www.romcon.com/.

Today is also the day Night Owl Reviews releases their review of Desiring Lady Caro!!

During my last release, some of you asked for buy links. I have no control over whether the links are listed on another blog, but I’ve posted them after the cover.

Please stop by and help spread the word!!

Desiring Lady Caro

Desiring Lady Caro


Buy Links:

Amazon US ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon German ~ Amazon France ~ Amazon Canada ~ Barnes and Nobel ~ Kensington ~ iBooks ~ Kobo

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Today I’m at Heroes and Heartbreakers, yes the link is live now, and Buried Under Romance where I have a recipe for you, and Mary has a review. I’m also part of a multi-author giveaway on RomCom. Please stop by and visit!

Desiring Lady Caro

Desiring Lady Caro

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On Thursday, Desiring Lady Caro releases! Each day this week, I’ll post my blog stops. If you want the complete list, it’s on my website.

Today, around 5:00 PM,  I’m on Heroes and Heartbreakers with an exclusive excerpt. Those of you who read my short, and slightly shocking excerpt last Monday regarding the villain, Antonio, will appreciate the excerpt even more.  I hope to see you there!

Desiring Lady Caro

Desiring Lady Caro

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Yey!! It’s release week for Desiring Lady Caro, book #4 in The Marriage Game! To celebrate I invite you to post your blurb or a short excerpt, as well as media and buy links.

Releases April 3, 2014

Desiring Lady Caro

Desiring Lady Caro

Ella Quinn’s bachelors are clever, charismatic–and determined to remain single. Yet one by one, they find that fate–and certain irresistible women–cast doubt on even the best laid plans. . .

Haunted by her past, Lady Caroline Martindale fled England for the solace of her godmother’s palazzo in Venice. But if Caro was hoping to escape the charms of marriage-minded men, she’s come to the wrong place. And she’ll resort to extreme measures to spurn the advances of a dangerously determined Venetian marquis. . .

Though most of his friends have married off, Gervais, Earl of Huntley, remains bent on eluding the parson’s mousetrap. But his convictions begin to falter when he arrives in Venice and meets his match in the alluring Lady Caro. What began as a hastily concocted lie to save her from the marquis may become a chance for them both to relinquish their fear–and embrace what they can no longer deny. . .

Buy Links:

Amazon US ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon German ~ Amazon France ~ Amazon Canada ~ Barnes and Nobel ~ Kensington ~ iBooks ~ Kobo

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It’s time to strut your stuff.  My next book, Desiring Lady Caro, releases in ten days, or one week and three days. So today it’s your choice. Post either the first page of chapter ten or the tenth page of chapter one. Keep it PG. Buy links are welcome.

Here is mine from chapter ten.

Desiring Lady Caro

Desiring Lady Caro

Venice, Italy

Several days later, Antonio arrived back at his grandfather’s palazzo under an armed escort. He was ready to murder someone. The Austrian envoy had treated him like a common criminal. He hadn’t even been allowed to bathe and change his clothing while the Austrian talked with the duke.

Finally, he was summoned to his grandfather. Going down on one knee, he took the old man’s hand. “Nonno.”

“My grandson, I am greatly disturbed by some of the stories I’ve been hearing about you lately.”

The duke’s hand settled upon Antonio’s head and he knew he was in trouble. Never in his life had Antonio heard his grandfather raise his voice, but the softer his tone, the stronger the steel.

“But, Nonno, you told me to take what is mine.”

Sì, sì, but the emissary said you created a great scene, which you know I cannot allow. We have the dignity of centuries to uphold. And that is not all. A rumor has reached the ears of my priest. Antonio, is it true you killed a novice?”

No, he’d done many things, but not that. “Someone is lying. She was a whore, pretending to be an innocent to get more money.”

Buy Links:

Amazon US ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon German ~ Amazon France ~ Amazon Canada ~ Barnes and Nobel ~ Kensington ~ iBooks ~ Kobo

Now it’s your turn!!

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Happy Sunday!!

We have winners and a title for the Christmas novella!!  Yey!!

Congratulations to Jenn Bray Webber who won Liza’s book, and to Liza O’Connor who won Collette’s book!

Liza also won the title contest for entering Madeleine’s Christmas Wish!

Desiring Lady Caro

Desiring Lady Caro

The final blog tour for Desiring Lady Caro is posted on my website. There will be a book giveaway at every site that allows it. The blog tour begins on April 1st at Heroes and Heartbreakers!

I’ll be posting excerpts on my Facebook page this week.

As an aside, there have been some really great reviews of Caro!

Please help spread the news!







In non-author news, here is what’s been happening this week.

The Iguanas are back out. This old guy has been hanging around a tree near my deck. We had one a year or so ago, which Hubby and I named Igor, then he, to my ire, decided to call him Eye-gore. So I’ve named this one Faulk.


Apparently we’ve had lots of celebrities on island. Last week Paul McCartney was here and on Magens, but not when I was. This week it’s Oprah. She and Gail were on this ship that was anchored in the bay.

Ship with Oprah

I went to the Orchid Society’s flower show on Friday. The theme was Love. How could I resist.

Orchid show

The weather is getting warmer so I’ve been walking earlier. This is what it’s been like at the beach this week.

Beach in the morning

The Rolex International Regatta begins on Friday, and I’ll be on the signal boat all weekend. I’m excited to see old friends, and meet new ones. I’ll post pictures.

What have you been doing this week?



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It’s time to strut your stuff, find a new author, or a new book!

There are two weeks and three days until Desiring Lady Caro, book #4 in The Marriage Game releases. So today I invite you to post page three from chapter two of whatever you’d like. If it’s for sale, post your buy links as well. Please remember to keep it PG.

Here is mine:

Desiring Lady Caro

Desiring Lady Caro

It seemed uncanny how di Venier appeared at each one Caro attended, until, as he, Horatia, and Caro were leaving one evening, Huntley noticed men watching the house. What was worse, the marchese, rather than taking the hint, became more assiduous in pressing his attentions on Caro, thus hindering Huntley’s own efforts. He frequently stood with his aunt and Caro, trying to lend what support he could as she determinedly refused di Venier’s invitations time and time again.

Though di Venier accepted Caro’s latest rebuffs with a smile, the black look on the his countenance when he turned away concerned Huntley. The man was up to something, and Huntley needed to discover what it was. With any luck, the thief-taker he’d hired to investigate the marchese would send a report soon.

“You needn’t hover over me, Huntley.” Frustration was evident in Caro’s tone. “I am capable of taking care of myself.”

Resisting the urge to smile, he glanced down at her. “I am not hovering.”

“Well, it feels as if you are.” She pressed her lips together. “You’ll cause a scene if you continue to look at the Marchese di Venier as if you’d like to run him through.”

That was exactly what Huntley would like to do—skewer the man on his blade, or put a hole in him, but he’d probably have to settle for drawing his cork. All his instincts told him the marchese was a danger to Caro.

He flicked a piece of dust from his coat. “I don’t trust him.”

She rubbed her temple. “No, but what can di Venier do, after all?” Her lovely turquoise eyes met his gaze. “I shall continue declining his invitations and he will eventually go away. All men do. You do not need to feel responsible for me.”

That’s where she was mistaken. “Humph.”

Buy Links:

Amazon US ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon German ~ Amazon France ~ Amazon Canada ~ Barnes and Nobel ~ Kensington ~ iBooks ~ Kobo

Now it’s your turn!!

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Happy Sunday! We’ll start with the winner of Christi Caldwell’s book! Congratulations, Glenda Martillotti!!

My editor has not yet made a decision on the Christmas novella’s title.

Desiring Lady Caro

Desiring Lady Caro

Desiring Lady Caro releases in just over two weeks. The reviews have started to appear and so far they are pretty good. One thing they all mention is food. Therefore, I give you an excerpt with food.

Huntley signaled the servant, and the potage of vegetables with rice was served. The pasta consisted of small dumplings stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese. Once the dishes were removed and fresh plates brought, Caro and Huntley looked over the other dishes, which included vegetables, fish, and meats.

Caro discovered that what Huntley meant when he said they would serve themselves, was that she would make her selections and he would place them on her plate. He hovered closely, offering suggestions, helping her identify some dish or another and bravely testing a suspicious-looking item before offering it to her.

The rest of the tension in Caro’s shoulders eased. She, Huntley, and their servants were safe, at least for the time being, and he was doing his best to entertain her. For the first time in days, she laughed. “How did you come up with this idea, or was it Maufe?”

He looked down his aquiline nose at her, as if affronted. “It was my suggestion, of course. I enjoy trying new foods, and the cook had so many to offer, I decided we’d sample as many as possible.”

As if neither of them was ready to discuss what had occurred earlier to-day, their conversation centered mainly around what they were eating. This dinner had been a good idea, and Huntley was proving to be easy to get along with, so far. When Caro had finished eating, she placed her serviette on the table and started to rise. “I have enjoyed myself very much, my lord. Thank you.”

He glanced at her. “You do not want to leave so soon. There is a special dessert.”

She stared at him. What could he have in mind? Surely he couldn’t be expecting them to . . . “Indeed, and what might that be?”

His eyes danced, not in a seductive manner, but playfully. “Chocolate tiramisu.”

She plopped back in her chair. “I love chocolate.”

Don’t forget the other books are still on sale until March 25th.

I’ve had my good friend, and fellow historical author, Jenna Jaxon visiting me this week. Just before she arrived it rained, and we had this lovely rainbow.


Of course we went to the beach.

Magen's Beach

Magen’s Beach

One night I took her to one of our landmark restaurants, Latitude 18 for their wonderful food, and the bank Flipswitch.

Latitude 18 and Flipswitch

Latitude 18 and Flipswitch

Yesterday we took the ferry to St. John.

Red Hook Harbor

Red Hook Harbor

Since Jenna is gluten intolerant, the safest bet was Margarita Phil’s, the local Mexican restaurant where she had a grouper enchilada and I had a conch enchilada. I’d never been there before, but I will definitely go back!


Here are the pictures I took while there. The hen and her chicks made themselves right at home…








until they were kicked out. hen in restaurant







Have a lovely Sunday and a great rest of the week!!


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