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Happy Sunday!

While you’re reading this, I’ll be winging my way to the US from Europe. We finally made it over to the castle only to discover that the only part open to the public was a café. Here are some pictures of the outside and courtyard.





This is the well and the wheel they used to get water up.



Christmas decorations are left up until February 2d.




This house was built around the 14th century.


Skiing was fantastic, We even had some fresh powder on Thursday.

In other news, the covers for The Seduction of Lady Phoebe and the Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh are entered in the JABBIC contest. If you like the covers, please stop by and vote for them. https://jabbic.hbarwa.com/readers/ViewCategory.php?cat=2

My publisher emailed me this lovely review of Desiring Lady Caro from the Library Review.http://reviews.libraryjournal.com/2014/01/books/genre-fiction/mystery/xpress-reviews-e-originals-first-look-at-new-books-january-31-2014/

Have a great week!!


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Monday Excerpts will be back next week. Today I’m honored to be on Karen’s Killer Book Bench with a giveaway of The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh!! Please come by and visit!

The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh

The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh

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This has been a pretty quite week. I’ve not received the names of the winners from the blogs I’ve been on, and, due to a cyber glitch, my editor has not selected a title yet. We do have one book winner though!!

CongratulationsMelissa Keir won Anne Cleeland’s book!! Congratulations, Melissa!!

Except for a wonderful day spent with fellow author, Amy Pfaff, when she came in on a cruise ship, I’ve spent most of the week working on my Christmas novella for 2014. This is Georges and Madeleine’s story. If you’ve read The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh, you’ll remember the not always very likable, shadowy French guy. Having to limit my word count to 25,000 is a real struggle for me, but it will get done. I also foresee lots of editing.

Here is an excerpt. Tell me what you think.

September 1814, Beaune, France

Madeleine, Comtesse du Beaune, laid her pen down on the old cherry desk. Thank the Lord she had a head for numbers. Each vineyard, even the ones that held only one or two rows were accounted for. If only the central government had allowed her to completely take her father’s position as négociant. Better a wine-trader than a dead Aristo or a pauper, papa had said. Mamma had begged him to take the family to England, but he would not leave France. Yet now he was dead, and no one could explain how it had come about. After all, a man who did not ride horses anymore could hardly fall off one and break his neck. What was worse was Monsieur Coupe, the person who had been assigned to oversee Madeleine’s work.

A knock sounded on the door, and it opened. “Milady, Monsieur Coupe”—her butler, Durant’s, lip lifted in a sneer—“is here to see you.”

She’d like to cut Monsieur Coupe’s male parts off and feed them to the pig.

This time of year Magen’s gets every north swell going. It makes walking a challenge, and paddle boarding not much fun. So, I’m taking you to Secret Harbor on the East end of the island.

Secret Harbor

I wasn’t the only one paddling. People paddling

I love seeing the boats.


So what do you think of the new beach?

Have a wonderful week,


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Due to the blog tour, I missed last week. So today, post any excerpt of 500 words or less. Keep it PG-13. I also invite you to post your buy links and social medial info.

The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh

The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh


Here is mine from my new release, and Amazon bestseller, The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh.

Anna was at the table with her breakfast plate and had poured a cup of tea when Rutherford walked in.

She blinked. “What would you like?”

“Tea and food?” He smiled, charmingly.

“Help yourself to the dishes on the sideboard.” She waved her hand in the direction. “I’ll serve you tea. Are you early, or am I late?”

“I’m early. I awoke at dawn, and rather than bothering my staff, I came here. I knew you’d be up. Besides, I rather like the idea of eating breakfast with you.” He’d like the idea even more if he’d woken up with her. Anna blushed as if she’d heard him. “Where would you like to ride this morning?”

She tilted her head first one way then the other. “Hmm, I don’t know. Where would you like to go?”

He studied her face. “Not really fair turning the question back to me. I haven’t ridden the beach in a while. What do you think?”

A smile dawned on her beautiful face and grew broad. “The beach it is.”

Less than an hour later, they entered the shoreline from the opposite end of the one he was on last night. They walked their horses for a while, before nudging them faster, galloping down the beach. Rutherford tried to look for any changes since the last time he’d been here, but it was too long ago.

He hung back a little to watch Anna ride. A creature of nature. She infected him with the same desire to be free.

Race,” he called.

She urged Thunderer faster. Her horse was a good seventeen three hands. He’d been there when Harry had bought the horse for Anna and had tried to talk Harry out of giving such a large horse to his little sister. Harry had remained firm, saying Anna rode as well as either of them, and that she deserved the same type of horse. It occurred to Rutherford his friend had been right. Anna reached the end of the beach with Rutherford behind.

She turned, smiling. “Did you let me win?”

“No. You did have a head start though. I should have called the race when I was even with you.”

Anna glanced narrowly at him, as if she didn’t believe him.

“I was thinking about when Harry bought him for you.”

“Ah. Did you approve?”

He smiled ruefully. “Not at the time. I can see now why he did it.”

She grinned. “I’ll let you race me back.”

“You call the mark.”

“Very well, on three. One, two, THREE!”

She took off at full pelt. It was all he could do to come in on her tail. They walked the heaving horses into the surf to cool them down and then back up the path to the cliffs.

“I love it here,” she said. “I love the wildness, the sea, the air. I love everything about it. I want to stay here forever.”

Buy links:

Amazon US ~ Amazon Canada ~  Amazon France  ~  Amazon Germany ~ Amazon UK Barns & Nobel ~ Kensington * iTunes

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Today I’m on Fresh Fiction talking about spies and smugglers during the Regency. I’ll also be giving away a copy of The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh. Please stop by and visit.

The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh

The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh

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Happy Sunday!! Whew!! What a week. Lets start with book winners.

Glenda won a copy of The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh on Buried Under Romance, and Lana on History Undressed.

Sandra Merrill won Cheryl Bolen’s book, Marriage of Inconvenience. Congratulations ladies!! Sandra, you’ll need to contact me with your physical address.Congratulations

The release for The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh went amazingly well. the book has been on the Amazon Regency bestseller list for almost a week now, and The Seduction of Lady Phoebe is on it as well. Having readers love my books, and spread the word is a dream come true. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for reading and telling others about the books.

Next week, I’ll have a Facebook contest to name book #5 of The Marriage Game. My editor and I can’t come up with anything we both like. The winner will receive a signed copy of the book, and either lunch with me at RT in New Orleans, or RWA Nationals in San Antonio, or a Caribbean spice basket. So put your thinking caps on.

Here is the blurb I did up to help you.

William, Viscount Wivenly, is determined to escape marriage minded ladies before his luck runs out, and he’s trapped. When asked to investigate the problems surrounding his deceased great-uncle’s family, William jumps at the chance to assist. Yet after arriving in the West Indies, his attention is drawn to a sultry, young French widow. Now all he can think about his making her is mistress.

Life has not been easy for Miss Eugénie Villaret de Joyeuse since her step-father, Nathan Wivenly, died. She’s had to continue their work freeing slaves, hold her family together, and discover why the business is mysteriously losing money. She doesn’t have time for a spoiled Englishman who kisses ignite her passion.

When Will learns his widow is in fact an innocent and his father’s ward, he immediately proposes marriage, on his terms. Yet Eugénie has something else in store for the arrogant viscount. If he wants her hand in marriage, he’ll have to work for it.

With all the rain we’ve had, the beach has changed again. This is the outlet from the mangrove swamp. I was on the paddle board this morning, and it’s all sanded in now.

Magens 11.2.13 001Magens 11.2.13 002

The rocks at the far end of the beach were surrounded by water.

End of beach

I found a very cool sand castle. I made the photo larger so you could see more detail.

Sand art

It even had a flag.

Have a lovely Sunday and the rest of the week.


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Yesterday was very exciting. The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh made the Amazon Hot New Historical Romance Releases. She’d been on the Regency bestseller list most of the week. Phoebe was back on it again as well. Thank you for all your support.

I started sending out the books that were won in June, during the pre-order release. I’ll get the rest of them out today with another giveaway!!

I’m still at Mary Gramlich’s blog, and Buried Under Romance today. Please stop by and visit!!

The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh

The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh

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Finally were here!!! And I’ve got lots of blog stops and giveaways.

I’m on Eliza’s blog History Undressed talking about what Regency Women knew.

On Mary Gramlich’s blog I’ll be discussing food. (this blog is not live yet)

SOS Aloha is where I’ll tell you about spies and smugglers during the Regency

And on Manic Reader Anna visits and tells us how she thought her betrothal would go.

I’ll be giving away a copy of The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh at each stop. Please come by and comment for a chance to win!

The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh

The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh

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It’s day two of the tour and one more day until the release, unless Amazon starts playing games again.

Today I’m on Romance Bandits and Miss Ivy’s Book Nook. I’d love it if you visited me. I’ll be giving away a copy of the book at both stops.

The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh

The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh


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If you saw the post about the early release, apparently Amazon was playing. The release date is now back to the 7th.

I am however on Riverina Romantics, and would love it if you stop by. Because they don’t have the give away on the blog post, I’ll do it from here. One commenter will receive a copy of The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh, when it does release.

The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh

The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh


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