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Three Weeks to Wed releases on Tuesday and the blog tour has started with a bang!! The wonderful Mary Gramlich is giving away five, count them five!! copies of Three Weeks to Wed!! Visit her page and enter! http://bit.ly/1XWhadS

Three Weeks to Wed hi res

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Multi-published historical author Jenna Jaxon is here today to tell you about herself and her latest book!!

Take it away Jenna!!

I thought I’d give you a little bit of a different post today, by listing ten fun facts about me.  Hopefully, you’ll find out some interesting or surprising things about me.

10 Fun Facts About Jenna Jaxon

1. I am deathly afraid of heights.  I’ve always been a little scared of them, but it’s gotten much worse in recent years.  When I drive over bridges, I stay on the inside lanes.  I used to love roller coasters and now can’t ride them at all.  And when I ride the gondola ride, I have face forward, hold onto the center pole and shut my eyes.  I am not, however, afraid to fly.

2. I have only had six dogs during my life, but I’ve had hundreds of cats.  Always been a cat person.  Right now the cats in our household outnumber the dog 4 to 1.  One of our cats is 21 years old, older than our children.

3. Although I have studied French, Russian, and Gaelic, I can only truly understand and speak English.  I remember nothing of Gaelic except how to pronounce the name of an Irish actress and I can say “I am walking to the post office to mail a letter,” in Russian.  My three years of high school French have stuck by me more than the others, but don’t ask me to order in a French restaurant.

4. I have kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland.  Good thing I did it when I was younger as you have to lie down and scoot out over nothingness two stories up to kiss it.

5. I performed the role of Maisie, the second lead, in The Boyfriend.  I’m a director, not a performer, but something about the role called to me, and I went after it and got it. J

6. I once got locked inside a cemetery after dark. I had been placing Christmas flowers on family graves and thought I had enough time.  Not. My husband had to call the police to come open the gates.

7. My husband and I went to Egypt where I rode a camel and went down into a pyramid.  I have a picture where the hat I’m wearing makes me look like Indiana Jones.  Awesome experience!

8. My parents each had ten siblings.  I, however, am an only child.

9. My first publication was a poem called “The Open Door” that was published in the local newspaper when I was in third grade.

10. For a year I fenced competitively and competed in the National Fencing Championship.  This was senior year in high school and I wanted to learn how to fight with a sword, but couldn’t be in the club unless I fenced competitively.  So I gave it my best shot, although I never figured out strategy and kept forgetting to parry. I did, however, learn three weapons:  foil, epee, and saber.  It’s come in handy writing historical romances—there tends to be a lot of swordplay in them.  I wonder why? LOL


When death holds sway in the world, can even the greatest love survive?

Finally in France, Alyse and Thomas return to their roles as courtiers to Princess Joanna.  Their passion for one another continues to smolder hot and deep—until one fateful encounter changes everything.

During a formal banquet, Alyse must share an intimate dance with Geoffrey, her first love. His searing touch proves Alyse’s love and desire for him is as strong as when they first met. Tormented by this revelation, Alyse is bitterly torn between the love of her life and her love for her husband.


Into this agonizing situation, the disaster of the Black Death rears its head, decimating the princess’s retinue and threatening all their lives.  Alyse, Thomas and Geoffrey must try to save the princess from the ravening disease but at a dire cost to themselves.  With her world plunged into chaos, Alyse struggles with her feelings for both of the men she loves.  But which love will survive?

Look for buy links on http://jennajaxon.wordpress.com/

For a chance to win a $50 gift card click here: a Rafflecopter giveaway


About Jenna:

Jenna Jaxon is a multi-published author of historical and contemporary romance.  She has been reading and writing historical romance since she was a teenager.  A romantic herself, she has always loved a dark side to the genre, a twist, suspense, a surprise.  She tries to incorporate all of these elements into her own stories. She lives in Virginia with her family and a small menagerie of pets.  When not reading or writing, she indulges her passion for the theatre, working with local theatres as a director.  She often feels she is directing her characters on their own private stage.

Jenna is a PAN member of Romance Writers of America as well as a member of Chesapeake Romance Writers. Her debut novel, Only Scandal Will Do, is the first in her House of Pleasure series, set in Georgian London.  Her medieval novel, Time Enough to Love, is a Romeo & Juliet-esque tale, set at the time of the Black Death.

She has equated her writing to an addiction to chocolate because once she starts she just can’t stop.


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I’m on Lyn Horner’s blog today where I’ll giveaway another copy of Desiring Lady Caro. If you have the book, I’ll substitute Enticing Miss Eugénie Villaret. I hope to see you there!!

Monday Excerpts returns next week!! I can’t wait!


Enticing Miss Eugénie Villaret

Enticing Miss Eugénie Villaret











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I’m on Harlequin Junkies today with an interview and a two book giveaway!!

Desiring Lady Caro

Desiring Lady Caro

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I’m so pleased to have Gina Danna with me today. She is not only one of my critique partners, but a good friend as well. Gina is here today to show off her new book, Love and Vengeance! A romance set in ancient Rome. She’ll also be giving away a copy to one lucky commenter who says they want the book.

As always we begin with the cover!

Love and Vengeance

Love and Vengeance


Next the blurb:

Rome 108 A.D., under the Emperor Trajan, is the center of the civilized world. It is a time of sophistication and decadence, a brutal world to their conquered.
Marcus, a Roman citizen sentenced to die as a gladiator, accused by his wife and brother for a crime he did not commit. Yet death eludes him and he rises to become champion of the sands. The title he does not want. He seeks revenge but his victories in the Colosseum bestow monetary rewards he can use to save a beautiful slave, Gustina, from certain death by the beasts. She gives him a taste of love in a world full of lies, betrayal and murder.
But his overwhelming desire for vengeance, for blood and the kill, brings a higher price tag – can he satisfy the demon inside him and face the truth? A truth that will kill the woman he loves?
And if that hasn’t convinced you, here is an excerpt.

“I brought you something to ease the pain,” the slave said, but his voice wasn’t in front of Marcus. It still lingered to the side, where he stood before the opened door. The gladiator frowned and looked up.

Before him, Gustina stood, barefoot. No wonder he didn’t hear her enter.

“Gustina,” he whispered, struggling to stand, his gaze drinking her in.

She raced to him, her arms encircling his bare waist, but he winced as her wrist hit his side. Quickly, she stepped back, a worried look on her face. “I’m sorry.”

He gave her a smile as his good hand reached for her. The chain had barely any slack to get her but he did manage to get a hold on her and pulled her to him. Snaking the arm around her, he buried his head in her hair and neck, inhaling her sweet almond and lemon scent. He felt her tremble, pressed against his naked chest.

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered softly, her lips brushing his skin. The scent that was her, simply her, filled his pores down to his bones.

“Don’t be,” he returned, moving his hand up her back. Damn cuff and chain stopped him from totally engulfing her and the other hand was useless now. As he twisted to get her closer, he knocked the injured arm and flinched.

She stilled and then pushed back. With a glance at the injured arm, she shot a look at him. “You need that attended.”

“I will. Dominus will not let it be.”

“Tevia,” she called over her shoulder. Marcus didn’t like the horrified look on her face.


“Here,” Tevia said, placing a dish of water and a rag at her feet.

She bent and wet the rag. The first wipe nearly undid him. The wound burned as she slowly, methodically cleaned it, without uttering a word. He stood, mesmerized by her motions. She looked like a nymph, quietly taking care of him. Afraid to even blink for fear she’d be gone, he planted his feet to not move, even if the rock under them stabbed his soles.

The pain subsided as she finished. She wrapped the damp rag around his arm, splitting the ends to tie it. He noticed she hadn’t looked up at him and it puzzled him. Her shoulders straightened and her head raised as she turned, taking a step back.

He frowned. Why wasn’t she next to him? He opened his mouth but she cut him off with a glare.

“You almost were killed because of me. What a foolish thought, that you could save me. We are slaves, you and me. There is no freedom for the likes of us. No denial of demands, regardless how distasteful they are.” She spat the words at him, lashing him like Ludo’s whip. He felt it deeply, the bitterness of her tone turned his blood sour. “You do not own me. Buying me with coin only stopped them from ending my life that day. But I’ve been dying for years. Slavery is just that, dying, more and more, each and every day. The only way the gods will set us free. Dominus can order me to suck the cocks of any man he wants and I cannot, ever, say no. You know this.” The strong woman he first met at the Colosseum, the one who steeled herself against impending doom, had returned.

Unfortunately, she was correct. Slaves were expendable. Workers and playthings. A life with no meaning. Damn, but he knew another life. He had tasted freedom, squandered it, only to have it removed. And yes, placed in the same position as her, Tevia, Farina, Iduma and all the rest. At the command of their masters. As if Romans were really any better than they, any more chosen by the gods to reign supreme. To speak those words could also condemn him but that had never mattered to him, not in the last three years. Nor, really, before then when he was a stupid man, thinking everything was his for the taking.

“Gustina,” he started but her hand raised to silence him.

“They might’ve killed you for what you did. I could not live with that. As it stands, I’m here only because Tevia snuck me past the guards. I pray to the gods we might return to before, so I ask, no, beg of you, to remember our place. As slaves.”

He saw the corner of her mouth quiver and moved toward her. Shaking her head, she stepped back and the chains kept him from reaching her. “You will remember and not risk your life for me?”

How could he do that? Even the demon inside whimpered. He sighed with resignation, inside admitting defeat and he didn’t like it. For her, his head fell in admission. Instantly, her hands took his wrists and she turned the key in the locks, freeing him. As the metal crashed back against the wall, he went to touch her but she twisted out of his grasp and flipped her head, the wild mane of brown locks swung to the side and she marched out of the cell, never turning back.

Buy Links (so far): Amazon Smashwords

Gina Danna

Gina Danna

Author bio:

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Gina Danna has spent the better part of her life reading. History has been her love and she spent numerous hours devouring historical romance stories, dreaming of writing one of her own. Years later, after receiving undergraduate and graduate degrees in History, writing academic research papers and writing for museum programs and events, she finally found the time to write her own stories of historical romantic fiction.
Now, under the supervision of her three dogs and three cats, she writes amid a library of research books, with her only true break away is to spend time with her other life long dream – her Arabian horse – with him, her muse can play.

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I’m so pleased to have the fabulous Grace Burrowes on my blog again!! After her tremendous success with her traditionally published books, she is dipping her toe into indie-publishing with her latest book, Trenton! Part of her well loved Lonely Lord’s series! Grace will giveaway one copy of Trenton to one of you who leaves a comment telling her you want the book!

So, without further to do, here is Trenton’s lovely cover!



Personally, I don’t need more than that! But here is the blurb:

After a short, troubled marriage Trenton Lindsey, heir to the Wilton earldom, becomes a widower with three small children. His year of mourning leaves him adrift, until his brother Darius forces him to take a repairing lease at Trent’s country estate. Social conventions require Trent to call on his recently widowed neighbor, Elegy Hampton, Lady Rammel, and as friendship develops, consolation of an intimate sort tempts them both. Just as Trent acknowledges the joy and pleasure to be shared with Ellie, an unseen enemy threatens him and Ellie, too. Can he reach for the love Ellie offers, when someone is trying to take his life?

Finally the excerpt:

Trenton: Lord of Loss

All the way to Wilton Acres, through the shady bridle paths and farm lanes of Surrey, to the busier thoroughfares and cultivated fields, into the rich farmland of Hampshire, Trent considered a single, unexpected kiss.

Ellie—in his mind, she was Ellie now—had murmured some quiet platitude in response to his blurting out his widowed status. She’d gamely resumed their negotiation thereafter, not even fixing herself a cup of tea until they’d agreed to meet upon his return from Wilton Acres and decide on details: She’d see to borrowing the stallion from Greymoor while Trent sent word to his solicitor to draft an agreement.

Then she’d walked him to the door of that cozy little parlor, leaned up, and kissed his cheek in parting.

And he, in a complete and irredeemable display of masculine miscalculation, had turned his head, to cadge another little whiff of her scent. Their mouths had brushed, caught, paused and then…

His mouth had come awake for the first time in years, startled into awareness by the unexpected softness of her lips on his. The rest of his body had followed at a roaring gallop, until he’d wrapped his arms around her, gathered her close, and reveled in a kiss so unneighborly, so unchaste, she’d been panting and dazed when he’d let her step back, likely horrified to the soles of her slippers.

Trent should have been horrified, too, and likely would be, when he had to see Ellie again, though first he hoped to talk himself out of wanting to kiss her exactly like that, over and over and over.

He’d been starving for such a kiss, going mad, shutting down, function by function, to cope with the ache of its loss from his life.

And he did ache, bodily, because Ellie had kissed awake his long-dormant lust, and now he could not argue or ignore it back to sleep. In hindsight, Trent could see all the instants she’d leaned on him or taken his arm, the times she’d been close enough to touch, the moments she’d allowed his body a little too near hers. His awareness had been stirring restlessly the whole while, threatening to come back to life, one sniff, one lean, one smile at a time.

Like a flaming spill touched to a well-oiled wick, a single kiss had him adjusting himself in his breeches two days later and completely unable to focus on the upcoming days at Wilton. Ellie’s taste haunted him, for he’d driven his tongue into her mouth with no thought to teasing preliminaries, no pausing to silently ask permission. That kiss had been the most aggressive, glorious, erotic kiss he’d ever bestowed on a woman, and she’d been too stunned to do more than allow it.

He dismounted and jogged beside his horse in an effort to exercise off his lust, though he was soon winded and back in the saddle. He’d gained another mile in the direction of Wilton Acres, and no distance at all from his memories of Ellie Hampton and the desire they inspired.

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Amazon ~ Kobo




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It’s day 5 and things are slowing down a bit. I’ve also decided to only post the links that are live.

Today I’m on Romance at Random with a recipe for Kasknocken, and Romantic Reviews has posted their review of Desiring Lady Caro.

There was no excerpt to go with the recipe, so here it is.

“What is that?”

“It’s called Gröstel. I had it the last time. Very flavorful.” Huntley pointed to the small skillet in front of her. “That is Kasnocken. Small dumplings with cheese and onions. It’s quite good. Try it first and then, if you wish, you may have some of the Gröstel.”

Caro picked up her fork and took a bite. The tang of fried onions contrasted nicely with the nuttiness of the cheese. The noodles were softer than Italian pasta, and the cheese clung to them, infusing the noodles with flavor. This was so good. After she’d finished more than half of hers, Caro glanced longingly over to his. “May I taste some of that now?”

He speared some of it onto a fork and held it out to her. She closed her lips around it. The smoky flavor of streaky bacon mixed with fried egg and onions filled her senses as she chewed. She sighed. Not as good as the chocolate torte, but delightful all the same. “Wonderful.”

A smile pulled at his lips. “If I feed this to you, which I’m of half a mind to do, I’ll have every other husband here in trouble.”

Her eyes opened wide. “What do you mean?”

“Don’t look, but we’re the center of attention.”

She grinned as wickedly as she felt. “What if you fed me just one more bite?”

Desiring Lady Caro

Desiring Lady Caro


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Today I’m at Heroes and Heartbreakers, yes the link is live now, and Buried Under Romance where I have a recipe for you, and Mary has a review. I’m also part of a multi-author giveaway on RomCom. Please stop by and visit!

Desiring Lady Caro

Desiring Lady Caro

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I was asked, by Regency author Shereen Vedam to participate in a blog about my writing process by answering four questions.

1) What am I working on?

I’m currently working on book #6 of The Marriage Game. The working title is Lady Mary. I’m thinking I may need another title contest to get the final title.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

At this point in time, I appear to be one of the few published authors who truly combine traditional Regency with the sensual, which confuses some people.

3) Why do I write what I do?

After years of reading fantastic authors, such as Georgette Heyer, and wishing there was more spice. I finally decided to write it myself. That has thrown some readers off, but, in my defense, I’m pretty open about my book having spicy loves scenes.

4) How does my writing process work?

I generally get a video that starts playing in my head. It could be an angry lady pacing, a man following a woman up narrow stairs, or a lady listening to her grandmother as if the woman had lost her mind. I take that scene, expand upon it, and the story begins to unfold. Generally my original scene makes it in the book somewhere.

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Origin of Valentine’s Day.

by Liza O’Connor

Long ago, if you wished your child to become a martyr all you had to do was name him Valentine. He’d be imprisoned or killed in no time at all. Even the Roman church cannot settle on which Valentine to recognize on St. Valentine’s day. (There are so many of them)

Nor can they agree on one story about how this
all came to be.

However the story I like is that Roman Emperor Claudius II wanted his soldiers to be loyal only to him, so he refused to let them marry. The priest Valentine interceded and married couples in secret, which got him tossed into jail where he cured the jailer’s daughter of
blindness and gave her the first Valentine’s note signed ‘Your Valentine’.
In another version Claudius II tries to convert Valentine to his beliefs, and when he fails, he tosses the fellow in jail, where Valentine cures the jailer’s blind daughter, then on the eve before his death, he gives her a note that’s signed Your Valentine.

Then to take matters way over the top, there’s a version where Valentine cuts heart shapes out parchment
paper and gives it to the men to remind them of their vows and God’s love.

The celebration of Valentine did not have any romantic vibes until Chaucer got a hold of it in the 14th century. So anyone who hates Valentine, send your angry vibes to Chaucer. All the Valentines are innocent of this crime.

Moving on…

By the early 19th century, romance was fully in bloom. Paper Valentines became so popular in England that they were assembled in factories.

However, the reinvention of Saint Valentine’s Day
into a national holy day occurred in the 1840s. This is when the modern custom of sending gifts, flowers, candy along with a card began.
Fancy Valentines were often made with real lace and ribbons. Paper lace was created by mid-century allowing even the poor to participate in the holiday.

An amazing quantity of cards were preserved from back then:
1850 Marry me (in tiny print you can’t read) card:

1850 hand written (I’ve no clue what you’ve said because your handwriting is very bad indeed) message card:
Comic Valentine, mid-19th century: “R stands
for rod, which can give a smart crack, And ought to be used For a day on your back.”
(Humor has evidently has changed. That’s sounds like S&M to me.)

1862 romantic card:
Awwww that’s gaudy, but sweet.
And now to modern time:
True Story:

I know a guy who would breakup with his girlfriend just before Valentine then get back afterwards so he didn’t have to buy a present. (He’d do the same on her birthday and Christmas too.)

Sounds like a jerk and he was. But to be fair, the young woman always demanded expensive jewelry or ‘else she was breaking up with him’, so he’d choose the ‘or else’ option. This went on year after year. For some reason neither could see it as a signal that something was fundamentally wrong with the relationship and the two needed to find better matches.

In my story Coming to Reason,my heroine is most reasonable and understanding and would never ask for an
expensive gift. And Trent is a billionaire, so he has no problem spending money on her, only she keeps refusing his expensive presents.

Trent proposed to her at the end of book two, Oh Stupid Heart, and Carrie accepted, but she insisted upon a long engagement. Book three begins a few months later. She and Trent are in a good place. In fact, she’s ready to marry him, only now he doesn’t want to. He insists he still needs to improve more and then he fires her.


Actually, he’d fired her on Friday, but failed to mention it until Sunday morning. Must have slipped his mind. He also had Sam, his driver, break into her house and steal
her iPad, iPhone, and laptop, since they were company property. (The phone was hers, but too late to fix that.)

Upon discovering she was unemployed and learning of Sam’s retrieval of her laptop, she naturally asks Trent if he’s breaking up with her. (Seems a reasonable question to me.)

He insists he’s not, but despite his assurance, over the next few weeks, their relationship heads deep south.

This all turns out to be a good thing for Carrie because, without any effort on her part, a better man has fallen for her. Unfortunately, Carrie’s heart isn’t ready to let reason take over just yet. She’s still determined to make Trent a better man.

But trust me, he’s going to change her mind. At a certain point, the heart has to give up and let reason take charge.

Here’s more about Coming to Reason:


Book Three: A Long Road to Love
Humorous Contemporary Disaster Romance
Space breaker


Carrie has committed to an inter-species marriage with Trent, her billionaire boss. Only, she requested a long engagement to improve his stats. Presently, he is eighty percent dreamboat and twenty percent nightmare.

When he fires her so they can be a ‘normal couple’, everything heads south. Providing her a stark contrast, her new boss is everything a woman could want in a man.

But for Carrie, her heart is taken and thus, her path to reason remains long and arduous.
Space breaker
Liza O’Conner writes books that speak to my soul. Carrie is a character you will not soon forget.
–Rebecca Royce, author of The Warrior series.

I only have one thing to say about Liza O’Connor’s A Long Road to Love series: Read them. They’re funny. You won’t regret it!
Maria Hammarblad, author of Kidnapped.
Space breaker


He shook his head. “I’m still growing up from the petulant child I’ve been all my life.” He exhaled and met her gaze. “To continue my progress, I need your assistance.”

She marveled at his newly acquired ability to admit weaknesses. “Anything,” she promised.

Leaning in, he kissed her forehead. “My therapist believes your desire to be the world’s best EA and my girlfriend is hampering my attempts to grow up. You take care of all my problems. He says I need to handle matters for myself.”

Fear spread from her chest out to her fingertips, making her numb, slowing her brain. “Are you saying you want to break up with me?”

“Never!” He covered her face with kisses.

She pushed him away. “Then what?”

“It’s time to do what we talked about months ago. You need to quit Lancaster Chairs and get another job.”

Was he insane? He couldn’t survive two hours without her. “We should do this slowly, so you can wean off.”

He smiled. “Michael disagrees.”

She’d always liked his therapist, until now. “Maybe I should talk to him.”

“No! You’ll only prove to him I’ve made no progress at all.” He gripped her hands. “I need to stand on my own two feet. You have to let me grow up and take responsibility for myself.”

“All right.” Her stomach roiled with doubt. He’d be calling her back in a week to help save his company again.

Still, growing up meant he’d make mistakes along the way. She had to let him take the reins, even if doing so had disaster written all over it. “I’ll start looking on my lunch hour.”

“No. We need a clean cut. As of now, you no longer work at Lancaster Chairs.”

“Trent! We have to have a transition. We’ll need to find a new EA. I’ll need to train the person in.”

He pressed his fingers to her lips. “I completed the interviews and I’m going in to train my EA. I’ve got it all under control.”

His assurance stunned her. He must have planned this for weeks, perhaps months, but never said a word, which hurt her feelings. Still, she sucked it up and tried to focus on the positive. Trent wanted to grow up and take responsibility. “I should still come in and show the person…guy or girl?”

The question made him choke. “Are you kidding? After Grant? No way in hell I’d hire another male.”

Space breaker
A Long Road to Love
Book One
Worst Week Ever
“Love this book and couldn’t stop laughing from beginning to end.” 5 stars – Alves – Amazon
61 reviews: 4.3 stars
Space breaker
Book Two
Oh Stupid Heart
“Be warned though, this book is completely different from The Worst Week Ever. Yes, there is still humor, dry wit, situations that you would think…NOT AGAIN but this one humanizes Trent more.” 5 stars – Brian’s Mom – Amazon
8 reviews: 4.8 stars
Space breaker
Book Three
Coming to Reason
Space breaker
Other Books by Liza O’Connor
Ghost Lover
has disappeared but will return soon
Liza O’Connor

Author Bio:

Liza lives in Denville, NJ with her dog Jess. They hike in fabulous woods every day, rain or shine, sleet or snow. Having an adventurous nature, she learned to fly small Cessnas in NJ, hang-glide in New Zealand, kayak in Pennsylvania, ski in New York, scuba dive with great white sharks in Australia, dig up dinosaur bones in Montana, sky dive in Indiana, and raft a class four river in Tasmania. She’s an avid gardener, amateur photographer, and dabbler in watercolors and graphic arts. Yet through her entire life, her first love has and always will be writing novels. She loves to create interesting characters, set them loose, and scribe what happens.

Space breaker


Tour prize: a $50 Amazon Gift Card
Gift at every stop for one lucky commenter
Must request book in comments
& leave email address:
Worst Week Ever or
Oh Stupid Heart ebook.

Enter to Win $50 Amazon Gift Card

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