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Welcome to my second Eight Sentence Sunday. Today I give you the first eight sentences of the first chapter of The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh which releases in November. I had to fiddle with the last sentence to keep it to eight.

Miss Anna Marsh was in her parlor reading, when her maid, Lizzy entered and held out a grubby piece of paper.

“Came from my brother, Kev, this morning,” Lizzy said.

Anna nodded took the note and opened it. She perused the contents then closed her eyes. “I’m going to have to find a way to convince Mama to allow me to remove to Marsh Hill before the Little Season has ended. Though I cannot do anything until after Lady Phoebe’s wedding.”

“That bad, miss? You might have a time of it, I heard Lady Marsh was planning to go to some country house next week.”

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