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The ability to serve tea gracefully was an important skill for young ladies to learn. Ladies were also encouraged to find their own blend of tea, and tea shops made it easy for a lady to try different blends. We can debate whether milk or cream was used. For whatever it’s worth, there are several accounts of gentlemen using cream. Jane Austen used milk. Most tea drinkers (like me) shudder at the mention of cream in tea. And there is still an ongoing debate over whether or not the milk goes in the cup first. Some recent discussion concluded that it depended on the quality of the porcelain of the tea cup. The better quality porcelains were able to take the heat of the tea.

If a house had male servants (butler or footmen) they would bring the tea tray to the lady of the house, not a regular maid or the housekeeper. This was especially true if the lady had guests. The lady, not the servant, would serve the tea to her guests.

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Tea carts or tea trolleys (US). According to the Oxford English Dictionary and Webster’s Dictionary The term did not exist until around 1933. So what did they have during the Regency? A tea tray was used, and tea tables had been in existence since the late 17th century.
As you can see below, tea tables came in all shapes and sizes. I’ve also posted pictures of tea-carts.

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I’m still over at Regency author Shannon Donnelly’s blog today, talking about tea. I know, I know, tea? What on earth could be interesting about tea? Well come on by and you might be surprised. Just to tempt you more, I’ve also posted a new excerpt of my debut novel, The Seduction of Lady Phoebe.

See you at Shannon’s http://shannondonnelly.com/

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