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We’re moving on to servants. In England it was also middle class employment. Servants were integral in every gentry home. If at all possible, even the poorest would hire a maid of all work. It was a sign of status. In large houses, they were a necessity. The number of servants a household required depended upon the size the house, the number of people in the family, and their budget. For example, in Georgette Heyer’s Friday’s Child, the hero and heroine have eschewed the family town house and hire a small residence. The young couple decided that the following servants were necessary to their comfort: A valet, lady’s maid, cook, butler, footman or page-boy, coachman, two grooms, two maids, and a tiger.


The way servants were treated depended on the family. In households like the Duke of Devonshire’s, maids were in danger of being seduced by him. In other households, the housekeeper kept vigilance over the maids, and if any of them turned up pregnant and not planning to marry, they were let go without a reference. Or, maybe a footman or groom was responsible, and the couple were made to wed.


In many families, generations of servants served the family. In the country, it was not unusual for servants to be related and to be related to servants in other households. After all the landowners were the largest employers in the area.


How familiar the servants would be with the master or mistress also differed widely. If a peer, as a lad, had been put on his first pony by a young groom, that groom would more than likely feel as if he could speak his mind on some subjects when they were older. Or perhaps, as children, they stole tarts from the kitchen, or muddied the floors and had been chastised by the older servant. This ease of interaction was probably more common if the gentleman inherited his title at a fairly young age. On the other hand, some families had houses with interior tunnels for the servants’ use so that they couldn’t be seen. There were also accounts of a family whose finances took a downturn and the older servants remained with the family out of loyalty. So you see the relationships were as varied and complex as the people themselves.

Still, no matter how close a mistress or master was with servants (particularly to the nurse, for example, who may have raised them) never think they were “best friends.” Being a friend requires that both individuals have an equal social status. That was never the case with servants and their mistresses or masters who had the power to let them go.

Book recommendations: Friday’s Child (setting up house) and the Grand Sophy (fun interactions with servants) by Georgette Heyer. The Temptation of Lady Serena (fun interactions with servants) and You Never Forget Your First Earl, (setting up house) by me. Only a Mistress, by Jenna Jaxon. I’ve put out feelers for other books, but haven’t received any recommendations yet. Please feel free to add your own.



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Time to strut your stuff! Everyone seemed to enjoy the one page posts last week, so we’re going to do the same type of thing today. Please post the first page of chapter four of what ever book you’re working on or just released. If you have buy links, feel free to post them as well. As always keep it PG-13.

The Temptation of Lady Serena

The Temptation of Lady Serena


Here is mine from my recent release, The Temptation of Lady Serena.

Robert arrived at his estate on the outskirts of Newmarket the day after the disastrous theater visit. He’d pushed his horses so hard, he’d had to change them. But no matter how fast he drove, he was unable to outrun his growing attraction to Lady Serena.

The minute his hand touched hers, he’d felt the connection and, what was worse, his customary aloofness began to slip. He’d loved once and chosen badly. Robert bore no desire to travel to those depths of misery with any lady again. Just the thought strengthened his resolve. His marriage would be one of convenience, where he could control the outcome.

He needed an heir, not another broken heart. All he had to do was to stay out of London for a week or two and regain his wits. By the time he returned, Lady Serena would have chosen the highest title that offered for her, or the one with the most money. She might even be betrothed.

For some reason, that thought didn’t comfort him.

Robert stalked out to the stable determined to erase her from his mind, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Lady Serena haunted his dreams, coming to him and offering her lips, then fading away when he tried to touch her. Last night, he’d awoken trying to stroke his pillow.

If that wasn’t bad enough, no one appreciated his help. His trainer said to Robert if he came to the track once more, the man would quit.

Buy Links: Kensington ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon US ~ Amazon Canada ~ Amazon FR ~ Amazon IT ~ Barnes & Nobel ~ iTunes

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Happy Sunday!!

We’ll begin today with book winners, and we have a bunch of them.

First, the winner of Shana Galen’s books: Sandy Xiong

Next the winners of The Temptation of Lady Serena’s Blog Tour.

SOS Aloha: Janice Hougland

Manic Readers:  Glenda Martillotti

Miss Ivy’s Book Nook: Cathy Phillips

Romance at Random: Justine

Congratulations, ladies!!

In other news, I want to thank you again for keeping The Seduction of Lady Phoebe on the Barnes and Noble bestseller list for over four weeks now and The Temptation of Lady Serena on the Amazon bestseller lists for three weeks.

I recently discovered my iPhone camera can zoom in. I know it took me a while. Anyway here are some of the photos I took this week.

This photo of an early moon rise was taken at about 5:30 PM.


I finally got a picture of a pelican.



And a better picture of a visiting sailboat.


Except for a day visiting doctors only to discover I’ve torn my meniscus, I’ve been in the editing cave for the past week, and I’ll be there this week as well.

What did you do this week?


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Good morning everyone,

I’m at Collette Cameron’s Blue Rose Romance Blog  today for a spotlight and giveaway!

Bookworm 2 Bookworm has posted a lovely review!

I’m also on Renee Bernard’s radio show, Canned Laughter and Coffee. http://www.reneebernardauthor.com/canned-laughter-and-coffee/ at 8:30 PM EST.

Please come visit and pass the word.

The Temptation of Lady Serena

The Temptation of Lady Serena

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Happy Sunday to you!!


Let’s begin with the winner of Cara Elliott’s book, Scandalously Yours. Congratulations to Anita H!!

Thanks to all of you, The Temptation of Lady Serena is starting her third week of being on the Amazon bestseller lists and the Seduction of Lady Phoebe has been on the Barns and Noble list for over three weeks now!

I don’t usually share reviews, but this one from Blackhaven Reviews is fantastic. http://networkedblogs.com/SJH7M

I received the cover blurb for Enticing Miss Eugénie Villaret, which releases in August. Please tell me what you think of it.

Ella Quinn’s intriguing and irresistible bachelors are masters in the game of seduction. But nothing has the power to change a single man’s mind like a captivating woman…

William, Viscount Wivenly, plans to remain the most eligible of bachelors. He refuses to surrender to the schemes of husband-hunting ladies and matchmaking mamas. Fleeing the pressure of the ton, he’s bent on finding refuge in the West Indies. What he finds instead is a fascinating stranger, a woman so unlike those of his society that he can’t resist such a beguiling distraction…


Determined to let nothing complicate her mission to protect her family’s livelihood while covertly rescuing orphaned slave children, Miss Eugénie Villaret does her best to evade suitors. But when dashing William lures her down a path of forbidden adventure and delicious danger, she may be convinced that business can indeed be mixed with pleasure—and persuaded to add passion to her priorities…

Praise for The Temptation of Lady Serena

“This charming, sweet love story is the perfect addition to the Marriage Game series.”

–RT Book Reviews

The weather has been strange all week here, but I still managed to get a few pictures for you.

This is a view of the Charlotte Amalie harbor on a six ship day. I couldn’t get a shot of the two at Crown Bay.

Cruise Ships

Here is another picture from my paddle board.

From paddle board

It’s always fun to see the sand art.

Sand man

The release tour has just about ended, I’ll post the last three stops as they come up this week. Naturally, I’ll be giving away copies of The Temptation of Lady Serena.

Have a great week, and I’ll see you next Sunday!


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I’m on Miss Ivy’s Book Nook today talking a bit about my writing journey and giving away a copy of The Temptation of Lady Serena. I’d love it if you could visit me.

The Temptation of Lady Serena

The Temptation of Lady Serena

I also invite you to post an excerpt and your buy links. If you have a short passage that changed during editing, please post the before and after. Mine is on Miss Ivy’s.

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Let’s begin with the winners of Jenna Jaxon’s book, Betrayal!

Congratulations to Carol Cook and Linda Thumb!!

Oh my goodness! What a week!! The Temptation of Lady Serena hit the Amazon bestseller list for Regencies on the January 1st, then quickly went on to achieve the Hot New Historical Releases, the list for both Regency books and Kindle books, then made the Historical Fiction list.  And she’s still up there!

The Temptation of Lady Serena

The Temptation of Lady Serena

Meanwhile Phoebe has been on the Barnes & Noble bestseller list for historical romance for over two weeks now.

The Seduction of Lad#C46729

Thank you all so very much reading, liking and spreading the word about the books!! You all rock!!

Congratulations to the two winners of the Temptation of Lady Serena. One from last week’s Sunday News and the other from Romantic Historical Reviews.

The winner from Sunday News is Rhonda Kirby!!

Unfortunately I only have the email address for the other winner.

Although the big release tour list is over, I still have a few stops during the month which I’ll announce when the links go live.

Again, thank you all for your support!

The weather was strange this week. Mostly it was very windy with rough water even in the bay, but I still managed to get some pictures for you.

Boats 2I love boats.

Here is an interesting water swirl.

Water swirl

And we had another sand artist visit.

Sand turtle

Have a wonderful week!


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I’m all over the place again today giving away books! The is the last big day of the tour so please stop by and keep me company if you can.

Buried Under Romance http://bit.ly/1csuiBr

Fresh Fiction http://bit.ly/1hnF2FG

Romance at Random. http://www.romanceatrandom.com/  They are not having a giveaway, but I will pick one of the commenters to receive a copy.

The Temptation of Lady Serena

The Temptation of Lady Serena

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Today I’ll be at Manic Readers and Romance Divas. I’ll be giving away books at both blogs. Please stop by and visit!

The Temptation of Lady Serena

The Temptation of Lady Serena

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The Temptation of Lady Serena releases today and is already on the Amazon Regency Bestseller list!! Thank you so much!

The Temptation of Lady Serena

The Temptation of Lady Serena

“Supported by a wonderful cast of characters, Quinn’s thoughtfully drawn lovers teach each other the value of love in this delicious Regency treat.” ~ New York Times Bestselling author Eileen Dreyer

Ella Quinn’s bachelors in The Marriage Game series are charming and cunning when it comes to the ways of love—until the right woman captures their unsuspecting hearts…

 Custom-made gowns…nights at the theater…and a host of eligible bachelors. Accustomed to living a quiet life in the Scottish Borderlands, Lady Serena Weir has never had any of these luxuries. But when Serena’s brother demands she finally have a Season in London, she’s thrust into a glamorous world she’s only dreamed of…

Robert, Viscount Beaumont remembers all too well what it feels like to be in love. That is why he must keep his distance from Serena. He’s only felt his pulse stir the way it does now when he made the mistake of loving the wrong woman once before. Yet the more he strives to resist his feelings, the nearer he is to falling under Serena’s seductive charms…

And the blog tour begins!

Today I’ll be at

SOS Aloha with a giveaway.

Mary Gramlich’s Blog with a giveaway.

and on USA Today HEA

Please stop by and visit!

Buy Links:

Kensington ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon US ~ Amazon Canada ~ Amazon FR ~ Amazon IT ~ Barnes & Nobel ~ iTunes

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