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In less than 24 hours, When a Marquis Chooses a Bride releases!!

To celebrate, Goddess Fish is having a book blast! Stop by the fabulous sites hosting me for reviews and chances to win books!! All the links should be working by this afternoon.

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When a Marquis Chooses a Bride


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My guest was unable to make it today, so I thought I’d share my my latest preorder. When a Marquis Chooses a Bride, is book 2 in The Worthingtons! Since this book doesn’t release for a while, I’m going to give a commenter’s choice of one of the book in The Marriage Game. Just leave a comment telling me which book you would like.

I’m thrill with this cover. Let me know what you think.


The blurb.

Thanks to their large extended family and unconventional courtship, The Worthingtons have seen their share of scandal and excitement. But nothing has prepared them for this… 

The Dowager Lady Worthington isn’t quite sure what to make of country-girl Dorothea Stern. As the granddaughter of the Duke of Bristol, Dotty is schooled in the ways and means of the nobility. But her sharp wit and outspoken nature has everyone in a tizzy. Especially their cousin, Dominic, the Marquis of Merton.

Prematurely stuffy, Dom was raised by his cheerless uncle to be wary of a host of things, including innovation, waltzing, and most perilous of all: true love. Still, there’s something about Dotty, beyond her beauty, that Dom cannot resist. But the odds are against him if he intends to win her as his bride. Will he choose loyalty to his family—or risk everything for the one woman he believes is his perfect match…



An excerpt.

They resumed ambling on the side of the path. Suddenly there was a commotion and a shout from behind. Dotty turned. A small dog had grabbed the tassel on a man’s boot and was backing up growling with its tail wagging trying to shake its prize. Foolishly, the man kept kicking out at the dog, making the animal think he was playing.

She put a hand over her mouth to keep from giggling, yet when he lifted his cane to strike the poor little thing, she rushed forward. “Here now, sir! What do you think you’re doing?” She bent to the dog who turned out to nothing more than a puppy. Turning to the man, she narrowed her eyes and scowled. “Shame on you.”

Dotty worked on releasing the tassel from the puppy’s grip, but each time the man shook his leg, trying to get the animal off, the puppy held on harder, growling and shaking his head. “Stop moving. Are you so stupid you cannot see the dog thinks you are trying to play?”

“Get him off me,” the man shouted in voice growing higher in fright. “Someone will pay for this. Is he your beast?”

Determined ignore him, she counted to ten, took a breath, and finally managed to release the gold bobble from the puppy’s sharp teeth. “There now.” Picking up the dog, she stroked its wiry fur. “Where is your master?”

Just then, two school aged boys came running up. “Oh, miss. Thank you so much. We’ve been looking for Bennie all over. He got away from us.”

By this time Bennie was snapping at the ribbons of her bonnet. Dotty laughed as she tried to free them. “Here now, sir. Those are not for you either.” She saved the ribbons and handed the puppy to one of the boys.

“We’ll pay you for the damage, miss.”

“It’s no bother.” She smiled at both of them. “Use the money to buy a lead. That will keep Bennie from running away.”

“He’s only twelve weeks old,” the other boy said proudly. “We didn’t think he could run so fast.”

“Or so far,” added the other.

“Thank you,” they both said in unison.

Ah, well. Puppies would be puppies and boys would be boys. “Run along now, and keep Bennie out of trouble.”

“Wait just a minute,” the man with the tassels growled. “You owe me compensation. Your vicious beast ruined my boots.”

“Stuff and nonsense.” Dotty closed her eyes for a moment before fixing the man with a stern look. “It was entirely your fault. If you had acted like a sensible person and just picked the poor puppy up, your boots would not have suffered any damage.”

By this time Charlotte and Louisa were ranged beside Dotty. The footmen were close behind.

“Dotty, are you all right?” Charlotte asked.

“I am fine.” She glanced at Louisa who seemed to be glaring at the man’s companion, whom Dotty had not previously noticed.

The contrast between that man and his friend with the tassels was remarkable.

She knew now what her father had meant when he had spoken disparagingly about “Dandies.” The man whose boots Bennie had attacked was obviously one of that set. His shirt points were so high he could barely turn his head. His waist was nipped in and his garishly striped waistcoat was covered by so many fobs and other ornaments one could hardly see the cloth. Whereas his companion was dressed with elegant propriety in a dark blue coat and buff pantaloons. No gold tassels adorned his boots, which were so highly polished the sun reflected off them. With stylish gold hair and deep blue eyes, he was very handsome indeed. Then his lips curved up in a mocking smile, ruining the favorable impression she’d had.

“Merton.” Louisa infused her voice with a note of disgust. “A friend of yours I suppose.”

Merton cleared his throat. “I dare say, Fotherby, that the lady is correct. You should have been able to stop the animal before any damage occurred.”

Fotherby turned to Merton, staring at his companion as if betrayed. Merton’s masked eyes were unreadable to Dotty, but something in them must have made an impression on Fotherby for he turned to her and bow slightly.

“Ladies, my deepest apologies for not acting promptly to avoid an unnecessary scene.”

Never one to hold a grudge, Dotty inclined her head, “Your apology is accepted, sir.”

Merton lifted one brow and looked pointedly at Louisa.

“Very well,” she said, in no good humor. “Miss Stern, may I present the Marquis of Merton, a cousin of mine. Merton, Miss Stern, a long time friend of Lady Charlotte’s family.”

Dom bowed and watched with appreciation as Miss Stern gracefully curtseyed. He had not been paying much attention to her encounter with Fotherby, thinking her just another modern termagant, until she stood and faced him. Botticelli could not have painted such perfection. The glossy blue-black curls peeping out from her hat served as a perfect frame for her heart shaped face. She gazed at Dom with bright moss green eyes. Surreptitiously, he sucked in a breath. He’d seen many beautiful women this Season, including Lady Charlotte, but none came close to equaling Miss Stern.

But, Dotty, what a horrible name. It must be short for something. He prayed it was short for something. If not, the name would have to change.

Buy links.

Amazon Kindle US ~ Amazon paperback US ~ Amazon Canada

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I’m back from vacation, mostly, but I’ll tell you about that in a little bit. First, lets start with the winner of Sally MacKenzie’s book, What do to with a Duke.  What To Do With A Duke finalCongratulations goes to Neva Brown!


Before I went on holiday, I turned in book #2 of The Worthingtons. As you know, I’m an not good with titles, although I did like Unscrambling the Marquis. My editor did not agree and suggested When a Marquis Choses a Bride. Which I have to admit is a better title than mine. Then again, he’s been thinking up titles a lot longer than I have. A few days later he sent me the line edits. Included in the package were several of these! FlatsMost of them are going to go to my assistant, because she is more easily able to send them out to people, but I’m going to give away one of them today. Leave a comment if you’d like it. And, naturally, since I have cover flats, I’ll also be receiving ARCs sometime before the book releases.

Here is a larger copy of the front cover.

Three Weeks To Wed reviseand the blurb.

In the first book of her dazzling new series, bestselling author Ella Quinn introduces the soon-to-be Earl and Countess of Worthington—lovers who have more in common than they yet know. The future promises to be far from boring…

Lady Grace Carpenter is ready to seize the day—or rather, the night—with the most compelling man she’s ever known. Marriage would mean losing guardianship of her beloved siblings, and surely no sane gentleman will take on seven children not his own. But if she can have one anonymous tryst with Mattheus, Earl of Worthington, Grace will be content to live out the rest of her life as a spinster.

Matt had almost given up hope of finding a wife who could engage his mind as well as his body. And now this sensual, intelligent woman is offering herself to him. What could be more perfect? Except that after one wanton night, the mysterious Grace refuses to have anything to do with him. Amid the distractions of the Season he must convince her, one delicious encounter at a time, that no obstacle—or family—is too much for a man who’s discovered his heart’s desire…

And an excerpt.

Dawn had still not broken when Matt awoke. Soon he would be an engaged man. He finally understood the looks of love and possession he’d seen in his friends’ faces when they glanced at their wives. That was exactly what he wanted with his lady. Later, after the sun had made an appearance, he’d discover her name and how soon they could wed. Reaching for her, his hand found nothing but a cold, empty sheet. He listened for any sign of her in the chamber, but there was nothing. Hmm, she must have gone to her room, but why? There was no one in the inn but them. Perhaps she was concerned about servants. Although none of them seemed to appear until called.

Rising, he donned his dressing gown, walked down the corridor, then opened the door to her chamber. Empty. Nothing to even indicate she’d been there.

The clock on the mantel showed five o’clock. He went back to his room and tugged the bell-pull. In a few minutes, the boots brought hot water for him to shave.

Matt waited until the water was poured into the basin. “The lady who was here last evening, is she downstairs?”

“I donno, my lord. Ain’t seen no lady,” the lad mumbled and left.

Matt finished dressing and descended the stairs. His groom, Mac, was in the common room eating. “Where are the others?”

Mac finished chewing and swallowed. “Gone, my lord. Their coach ain’t in the yard.”

Something wasn’t right. Why would she have left and not told him? “Be ready to leave in half an hour.”

He looked around for the landlord and, not finding him, entered the parlor. Covered dishes set on the table, with one place setting. He wished he was sharing the meal with her and conversing as they had the night before. Hell. He wanted to be in a warm bed with her next to him.

Mr. Brown knocked on the door before entering. “My lord, you was wishful of seeing me?”

Finally, Matt would get some answers. “Yes, I want to know the lady’s name.”

The innkeeper opened his eyes wide. “What lady, my lord?”

Matt bit the inside of his lip and tried to keep from losing his temper. “The lady that was here last night. The one I shared dinner with.”

The landlord started backing out of the parlor, shaking his head. “Weren’t no lady here, my lord.”

Matt choked back an angry response. Losing his temper would do him no good so he tried to reason with the innkeeper. “I can understand she would not want it known she was here alone and without her maid. But you may tell me who she is. I plan to marry her, and I need to know her direction.”

“I’d like to help you, my lord, but I can’t.” The man closed the door.

Matt stood so quickly his chair crashed to the floor, but by the time he got to the hall, the innkeeper had prudently taken himself off.

“You there.”

The young woman glanced at Matt wide-eyed. “Yes, sir?”

“Where is Brown?”

“Me Da had to go to the farm.”

“When will he return?”

She furrowed her brow. “No tell’n how long he’ll take.”

“Do you know the lady who was here?”

“I just got her, meself. I only work during the day and weren’t here at all yesterday.”

Matt stalked off. “Damn the man.”

He strode outside to find his curricle ready and Mac standing next to it. “Did any of the lady’s servants mention where they live?”

“No, my lord. One of the younger men said somat about a hall, but the others shut him up right quick.”

Matt clenched his fists. “Hall! Hall does me no good at all. Half the bloody houses in England are called the Hall. How the devil am I to find her?”

Mac closed one eye and stared at Matt. “You sure she weren’t married?”

He glared at his groom. “Yes, quite sure.”

Three Weeks to Wed releases on April 5th and is now on pre-order.

Amazon ~  Kensington ~ B&N ~  BAM

Stay tuned for several contests I have planned leading up to the release. Now a shameless plug for my newsletter. I’ve become much better at giving my newsletter readers the first shot at all the upcoming news, and I’ll be running some newsletter only contests.

On to boat news. When last I left you, we were heading to Mystic, CT for some sightseeing and to ride out a squall. All went well, and we were able to tour Old Mystic which is an open museum.

Mystic 2






Mystic Anchorage 2






Old telescopeOld Mystic Seaport bed













Having renovated an old house in England, one of my pet peeves is door hardware. This is what one would typically find an a house before the late 1840’s. In fact, a turning door knob was invented in 1847 in the USA.

Latch 2 Old Mystic Seaport Door latch old Mystic Seaport














From there we went to New London and Groton, where I indulged in a food memory and had a grinder. For those of you who have never lived in the CT region, it is sort of like a hoagie, but the bread is very important. It must be freshly made and not soft.

New London 1

New London 2











After that, we sailed over to Block Island, RI, where I ate fried clams and steamers. Another childhood memory. We also met up with friends we’d met elsewhere during our travels and formed a nice little boat neighborhood.

BI anchorage 3


BI Anchorage IMG_0885 IMG_0886 IMG_0887 IMG_0888 IMG_0889

































We are now in Newport, RI, where we’ll be for about a week before heading south again. Newport 1







Newport Anchorage







Newport 4

How has your summer been going? Do you have food memories from your childhood?



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