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Curricle 2

The Curricle

For those who didn’t feel the need to challenge their driving skills, or wanted a more stable vehicle, there was the curricle. It was light, had only a single axle and two wheels. It was large enough for the driver and one other passenger. Many curricles had cabriolet tops that could be raised in the event of rain. A curricle was typically driven by a matched pair.

Curricle 1

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Youll Never Forget Your first Earl comp

Join the You Never Forget Your First Earl blog tour and giveaway for a chance to win a signed copy!! https://goddessfishparty.blogspot.com/…/hosts-for-you-never… Ella Quinn, USA Today Bestselling Regency Romance Author

Within the Worthingtons’ extended family circle, laughter and romance rule, and a young lady never settles for less than true love . . .

With her three good friends all recently married, Elizabeth Turley is ready for some husband-hunting of her own. One gentleman in particular sparks her interest. Geoffrey, Earl of Harrington is tall, handsome, and dashing. He’s also just a bit too sure of himself. But Elizabeth has observed enough about the rules of attraction to pique the earl’s attention. Yet once she has it, the discovery of a troubling secret taints her future happiness . . .

Lord Harrington must marry or lose a prestigious position in Brussels, and pretty, well-connected Elizabeth fits his needs admirably. But could it be that he has underestimated his bride? She doesn’t bat an eye in the face of the danger they encounter overseas. She’s strong-willed, intelligent, and more enticing each day—yet also more indifferent to him. Now Geoffrey faces his greatest challenge: to woo and win his own wife, or risk losing her for good . . .

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Instead about talking about the Regency today, I’m going to discuss the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex and how to address them properly.

Let’s start with a little history. During the Regency (you knew I’d slip it in) the royal house of England and Great Britain was called the House of Hanover. The King of England was also the King of Hanover. However, when Victoria took the throne, she could not be the Queen of Hanover. The title went to her uncle. That said, she kept the name Hanover. When her son Albert became King of England, he changed the name to his father’s house, the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. In 1917, due to anti-German sentiments in England (WWI) George V change the name to the House of Windsor. As it is today.

The Royal Surname. The royal surname (that they use only when they have to) was changed to Mountbatten-Windsor. This surname applies to male line descendent of the royal family who do not have another royal title or style. Princess Anne used the surname Mountbatten-Windsor when she signed the register after her marriage.

Here is the part that really seems to confuse people. The queen gave all her sons and her two oldest grandsons deriving from the male line (so not Princess Anne’s children) titles. In order to be called a “Princess) one must have been born a princess. Therefore, the daughters of all of Princess Anne’s brothers are entitled to the title princess. (To be fair, the queen did offer to make Anne’s kids princess and prince, but she turned her down.) None of the queen’s grandchildren use the name Mountbatten-Windsor. The reason for that all their fathers have other royal titles. Here’s the rundown:

The Prince of Wales

The Duke of York

The Earl of Wessex (Edward is another odd one. He turned down the HRH for his kids and liked that title better than whichever duke title was available)

Ever since their birth William and Harry (Henry for the purists among you) have used the last name Wales. Until they were made dukes, their titles were Prince William of Wales and Prince Harry of Wales. Their cousins are Princess Eugenie of York and Princess Beatrice of York.

The change. In order to avoid Kate being titled Princess William, the queen, just like she did with her two other sons, bestowed the royal title of The Duke of Cambridge on William. So he and Kate are properly known as their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Separately, they are HRH the Duke of Cambridge, or Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. If he needs a surname, he now uses Cambridge. Kate is HRH the Duchess of Cambridge. Just to make sure, I contacted Buckingham Palace and verified that Kate cannot be called either Princess William or Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

The same rules apply to Harry and Megan. They are Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. He is HRH The Duke of Sussex and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. Megan is HRH The Duchess of Sussex. As with Kate, she cannot be called Princess Harry or Megan, Duchess of Sussex.

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This is the first Sunday News in a while, and I’m sad to say, the last. As you all know, this year I start my new print series. I am also writing novellas that will release in between the big book releases, and I’m writing a novella series that I will self-publish. Despite my best efforts, I am unable to keep up the writing schedule and blog with any regularity. Not to mention, my lack of consistent internet. To give you an example, I have an internet connection at the moment only when the boat swings a certain way.

I have, however, joined the lovely group of ladies at Embracing Romance, where I will blog once a month. I hope you will join me there.

I will continue to post new releases, pre-orders, and contests but if you are not on Facebook with me, I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter. Actually, I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter in any event.

Now for the good news. Congratulations to Natasha for winning a copy of Sandra Master’s book.

Most of you know that I have two releases coming in the very near future. The first is a novella, A Promise of Love, which is book #1 in my novella series The Trevors. Those of you who read Miss Featherton’s Christmas Prince, the last book in The Marriage Game will remember Damon’s father, the nasty, horrible duke. More than one reader truly wished I had gotten rid of him. But I needed him for the series. After all, I could not write about how his many children escape the despot when I’d already done him in. Apologies to you, but needs must.

Passionate+Promises+Final+BOX+1000x640A Promise of Love is part of a box set, Passionate Promises which releases on February 15th, and I’m having a pre-order contest to help launch the series. To enter, you must provide a proof of purchase by completing the form. When the book releases, everyone who entered will receive a private link to the prologue of the next book in the series! I hope all of you will enter and spread the word to your family and friends!

PREORDER HERE: Amazon | Barnes & NobleKobo | iBooks

Three Weeks To Wed reviseOn March 29th, what my publisher calls an April release, Three Weeks to Wed, the first book in The Worthingtons, hits the shelves, or if you read in ebook format, will magically download to your device. So, I’m having another pre-order contest sponsored by my publisher. On release day, everyone who entered will be able to access the prologue to Three Weeks to Wed. Please follow this link to enter.

I promise you that neither of these prologues will be available again at any time; no matter what promises or bribes I receive or dire threats are made. They are strictly for those of you who pre-order and enter the contests.

PREORDER HERE: Amazon | Barnes & NobleKobo | iBooks

As I alluded to above, we’ve been traveling. Here are some pictures.

Grand Case 2 Sunset Lagoonie's Breakfast Menu Sarafina Beach at Nevis Hill at Nevis Sunset 2014-07-17

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