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Recently there has been an upsurge in old books being re-printed either by publishers or by authors who’ve obtained their rights back. Many of these older books, and I’m thinking of Georgette Heyer and others of her ilk, spent time introducing the reader to the story. This is particularly important when an historical writer wants to do something that is not period accurate. However new authors are told to jump the reader into the story.

I recently downloaded a sample of a book that received rave reviews. The author started out with a scene that was so completely historically inaccurate I didn’t even get past the first page. If she would have been encouraged to lead up to that scene, I may very well have stayed with her and bought the book. As it was, I deleted the sample and re-read one of my Georgette Heyer’s.

The point, that I’ve taken my time getting to, is that there is a market for, so-called, older style books, otherwise they would not be in reprint or doing well as e-books. Publishers don’t print what they don’t think they can sell, and why should they? What I do not understand is the reason new authors are being pushed to begin their novels by going right for the action, when books with a lead-in still sell.

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     I am Ella Quinn and I write Regency Romances. Welcome to my blog.
The Regency period technically took place during the regency of The Prince of Wales (Prinny) from 1811 to 1824 when Prinny was crowned George IV. Though when most people refer to the Regency, they mean the period between the Georgian and Victorian eras.
     It was a time of excess amongst England’s aristocracy. Fortunes were won and lost over gambling tables, at the same time the arts flourished. Ladies fashions became much less ridged, resembling the classical forms. The heavy make-up of the Georgian era was no longer used and wigs were cast aside in favor of more natural styles. Anyone could recognize a romance novel from the Minerva Press by its marbled covers. And even though there were still many arranged marriages, love matches became the rage. But even in a love match, families, including their servants, were still very much involved, helping or hindering the lovers. Which brings me to my novels. If you’re already familiar with the period, you will recognize the mannerisms, clothing, carriages, horses, houses and foods.
     My goal is to take the reader on a journey into the world of Regency England as you join my characters in their search for love.

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