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This was not really as difficult as some might think. Any lady whose father is a viscount or lower is called “miss”. However, each lady is part of an order. Let’s take the case of Viscount Featherton and his three daughters. The first daughter, Meg, is properly called Miss Featherton. Now, what if Miss Featherton doesn’t take her first Season, or just doesn’t like any of her options, and her sister, Adeline, comes out. When they are introduced they are Miss Featherton and Miss Adeline Featherton. Adeline is properly called Miss Adeline, but never Miss Featherton. But once Meg is married Adeline becomes Miss Featherton. It’s the same when the third daughter, Miss Sarah Featherton comes out. If all three ladies are out at the same time they are Miss Featherton, Miss Adeline, and Miss Sarah.

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